70 inch booty

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Meet the Inch Booty Instagram Star - Update

Crazy Inch. Alternate Versions. The Doctors —. Rate This. The Doctors Exclusive: Andrew Ordon booty an informal examine of Raylynn and concluded that she has Lipedemaa chronic disorder of adipose tissue and booty vessel dysfunction that leads to fatty tissue excess usually around in the hip region. Lipedema is most often seen in females. Ordon says the main way to treat it is with liposuction. Bra for Your Butt. Stork inch. Dr dont know why Despite the naysayers, Raylynn's empire-in-progress now includes a subscription service that promises exclusive "pics and vids weekly" for the low, low price of just under 12 bucks a month.

But no, chronically thirsty reader, that does not mean anything more than pics and vids:.

Woman With Inch Backside Flaunts Her Curves On Social Media | Bossip

I have no porn out ppl. Well, thank inch WebMD because as it turns out, since making her Instagram derriere debut, she has been diagnosed by a doctor with that condition, which can affect up to 11 percent of females. She has been accused of photoshopping her figure, mostly because many thought having such small hips and a inch booty was impossible.

Raylynn has a booty waist and small shoulders, so people figured she was digitally manipulating her butt to make it look like it needs its own country. So instead of going low, she went high in the fact that she kept posting more and more images online, proving to everyone that her butt was really her butt. No plastic surgery. No implants, No fat injected into each cheek. No photoshop or digital manipulation.

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Simply 70 inches of booty that she has decided to fully embrace. But there is a little more controversy….

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However, that was last year, and she has since decided to cash on it. Thanks x 5.

Woman With 70-Inch Backside Flaunts Her Curves On Social Media

Jul 19, 4. She has hogtied sluts dysmorphia Thanks x 7. Jul 19, 5. Thanks x 4 LOL! Jul 19, 6. Jul 19, 7. Good lord. That supafreak doctor needs to have his license revoked. If this isn't body dysmorphia with an XL side of mental illness, i don't know what the fck is.

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Jul 19, 8.