Arm pit fetish

February 27, Knavish Kirby Keith. Logan Bauer: The Amazing Race — Knightly Delights. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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fetish Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer drmarkgriffiths Just another WordPress. Dead arm He then goes on to say later in the book how the focus of sexuality can shift: The anonymous author speculated that: A few weeks back I was going without deodorant to avoid his complaints that my pits smell like deodorant.

But eventually it started smelling more than just a daily shower could handle so I had to start using deodorant jay taylor foot fetish. Also, he loves a good sniff during sex. I think its pretty pit, I can literally make his dick hard just by my smell. Long et al.

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LegmanRationale of the Dirty Joke Vol. II pp.

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Sexual fetishism. I don't particularly enjoy my own armpits to any extent, I'm only attracted to my partner's. Woman A: I love the smell of good food cooking, la tia lopez perfumes, and the bodily smells of my lovers' and my own. I think I became aware of my pit of armpits when I had a French lover, who had a very distinctive smell arm I found incredibly arousing.

He too, found my smells distinctive. Years later, I had an Irish lover who would smell and lick my armpits. I not only found it incredibly arousing, but also orgasmic. And in all cases it was reciprocal. Generally nothing appealing with regards to visual simulation, for me it's more of the body odor of my partner It's a real turn on.

It's tricky to explain what I really enjoy about them in general, but aside from them being a turn-on, I think some of the fun is that they have a little bit of a taboo to them but without being too gross as far as body parts go. Plus besides that, they also act as kind of a nice "tease" in that even if your partner has no sleeves on, their arms are usually down most of the time.

The scent, the distinctive smell each lover has, fetish incredible orgasmic rush at having them sniffed and licked.

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I can't say I'd prefer hairy but I don't mind stubble and the clean shave is nice. I really like the natural body odor of my partners armpits. I don't like it when my partner uses deodorant.

As far as what I specifically enjoy about them, the smell is more or less the main attraction for me.

It’s the pits: A brief look at maschalagnia | drmarkgriffiths

It's to the point that she actually doesn't bother wearing deodorant anymore since she knows I enjoy her smell so much. Aesthetically-speaking, though, I actually prefer for them to be hairy since I feel shaved or bald is kind of prepubescent looking, the same way some people feel about genital pubic hair.


When we exercise, we sweat through endocrine glandswhich can end up creating the sort of stench best avoided in an early-morning elevator. However, our underarms produce more than one type of odour.

These Gross People Actually Have an Armpit Fetish

We live in an age of aggressive beauty product marketing, where deodorant is rampantly promoted as a shortcut to wild sex. The taboo has erotic appeal and in a sea of artificially perfumed bodies, that elusive apocrine gland scent sits on a rarefied throne. Ryan has no interest in sweat or smell.

That unrealistic source of sexual expectation, internet pornography, is also likely to feature brazil ass women.