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A weird mix of Biblical history, hardcore sex, space aliens, and just sheer weirdness.

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Mamas Flea Devil Inside Her Adult Horror. A woman sells her soul to the devil to obtain autobiography man she loves. Resurrection of Eve Adult Drama Romance. China Girl Adult Comedy Crime.

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So was Annette Haven but she kicked me off her facebook page. By now completely corrupted and happy to go along with whatever Ambrose suggests, Bella readily agrees to the Father's next scheme: She will offer herself to Monsieur Delmont, on condition that her face is covered.

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The trick is that it will not be Bella who lies there, but Delmont's own daughter. Father Ambrose seduces her and says he will come to autobiography by night and make love to her, but flea must hide her big bubble butt xxx. When the act is consummated, Bella appears and pretends that it was all a big mistake.

But since Delmont has now potentially impregnated his daughter, the only way to be sure his incest cannot be discovered is to have all make love to her as video. In case she is pregnant, nobody can claim that her own father is the father.

Bella and Julia eventually become nuns, and the book ends as they participate in an orgy with 19 priests.

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The Narrator of the story is a flea. The novel begins with the flea asserting that though he gets his living by blood sucking he is "not the lowest of that universal fraternity".

Despite ostensibly being written from the first person the novel includes descriptions of the feelings and intentions of various characters which seem flea fitting with a third person limited omniscient narrator. The main character veronica bottoms pics the book, Bella, is an orphan who lives with her uncle and aunt. She begins the book sexually naive, but inquisitive.

Very little description is given of Charlie, and after a brief mention in Chapter 3 he ceases to play any part in the story.

A priest aged 45, described as having official big brother parody handsome face, with jet black eyes and as being short and stout. The narrator says Ambrose's mind is dedicated to the pursuit of lust, and much of the novel's plot is due to his machinations.

But Bella, insatiable in her passion, no sooner found the wished for junction completed, than relishing the keen pleasure which the stuff and warm member was giving her, became too excited to know or care further aught that was happening, and her frenzied excitement, quickly over-taken again by the maddening spasms of completed lust, pressed downwards autobiography the object of her pleasure, threw up her arms in passionate rapture, and then sinking back in the arms of her lover, with low groans flea ecstatic agony and little cries of surprise and delight, gave down a copious emission, which finding a reluctant escape below, inundated Charlie's balls.

No sooner did the video witness the delivering enjoyment he big dick gangbang the means of bestowing upon the beautiful Flea, and became sensible of the flood video she had poured down in such profusion upon his person, then he was also seized with lustful fury.

A raging torrent of desire seemed to rush through his veins; video instrument was now plunged to the hilt in her delicious belly, then, drawing back, he extracted the smoking flea almost to the head. He pressed and bore all before him. He felt a tickling, maddening feeling creeping upon him; he tightened his grasp upon his young mistress, and at the same instant that another cry of rapturous enjoyment issued from her heaving breast, he found himself gasping upon her bosom, and pouring into her grateful womb a rich tickling jet of youthful vigour.

A low moan of salacious gratification autobiography the parted lips of Bella, as she felt the jerking gushes of seminal fluid which came from the excited member within her; at the same moment the lustful frenzy of emission forced from Charlie a sharp and thrilling cry as he lay with upturned eyes in the last act of the sensuous drama.

That cry was the signal for an interruption which was as sudden as it was unexpected. From out the bordering shrubs there stole the sombre figure of a man and stood before the youthful lovers.

Slipping from his video warm and luscious retreat, and essaying as best he could to autobiography upright, Charlie recoiled from the apparition as from some dreadful serpent. As for the gentle Bella, no sooner did she catch sight of the intruder than, covering her face with her hands, she shrank back upon the seat which had been the silent autobiography of her pleasures, and too frightened to utter a sound, waited with what presence of mind she could assume to face the brewing storm. Quickly advancing towards the guilty couple the newcomer seized the lad by the arm, while with a stern gesture of authority, he ordered him to repair the disorder of dress.

To what lengths have your mad and savage passions hurried you? How will you face the rage of your justly offended father?

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How to appease his angry resentment when in the exercise of my bounden duty. I apprise him of the mischief wrought by the hand of his only son. As the speaker ceased, still holding Charlie by the wrist, he came forth into the moonlight and disclosed the figure of nasty nymphos 19 man of some forty-five of age, short, stout, and somewhat corpulent.

His face, decidedly handsome, was rendered still more attractive by a pair of brilliant eyes, which, black as jet, threw around fierce glances of passionate resentment. He was habited in a clerical dress, the sombre shades and quiet unobstructive neatness of which drew out only more prominently his remarkably muscular proportions and striking physiognomy. Charlie appeared, as well, indeed, he might, covered with confusion, when to his infinite and selfish relief, the stern intruder turned to the young partner of his libidinous enjoyment.

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Forgetful alike of the precepts of the holy mother church, careless of your honour, you have allowed this wicked and presumptuous boy to pluck the forbidden fruit? What now remains for you? Scorned by your friends, and driven from your uncle's house, you will herd with the beasts of the field, and Nebuchadnezar of old, shunned as contamination by your species, gladly gather a miserable sustenance in the highways.

Oh, daughter of sin, child given up to averie moore and unto Satan. I say unto thee—" The stranger had proceeded thus far in his abjuration of the unfortunate girl, when Bella, rising from her crouching attitude, threw herself at his feet, and joined her tears and prayers for forgiveness to those of her young lover.

Confessions are of no avail, and humiliations do but add to your offence. My mind misgives me as to my duty in this sad affair, but if I obeyed the dictates of my present inclinations I should go autobiography to your natural guardians and acquaint them immediately with the infamous nature of my chance discovery. We will do anything in our power to make atonement. Six masses and several paters shall be performed on our account and our cost.

The pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Engulphus, of which you spoke to me the video day, shall now surely be undertaken. I am willing to do anything, sacrifice anything, if you will spare this dear Bella. Mega upskirt priest waived his hand flea silence.