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Annoying Backseat Drivers

Backseat driving is likely to cause more harm than good. Any distraction that takes attention away from the road increases the risk of a car accident. To me, backseat driving is a more dangerous distraction than, say, a passenger changing the radio station or having a neutral conversation with the driver. Compared to other distractions, I think backseat driving is more likely to provoke a negative emotional response, like anger or annoyance. The esure survey found that 51 percent of backseat have gotten angry while driving because of backseat commanders.

Few could argue that an angry driver annoyed state is ideal for driving. To make matters worse, the driver may even begin to squabble with his backseat counterpart and become more distracted. There are some situations in which black tranny whackers videos commentary might be beneficial.

Ultimately, backseat driving is acceptable when the driver is clearly missing things like road signs and stop lights.

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But if the driver is cruising safely, backseat driving is going makethemgag do more harm than good. Most of the time, the best practice is to hold your tongue.

Her driving skills have room for improvement. Alexandra Faccenda is a fourth-year student majoring in geology. She currently works as an undergraduate researcher studying planetary interiors, but after In an effort to promote dialogue and the sharing of ideas, The Observer encourages members of the university community backseat respectfully voice their driver below. Comments that fail to meet the standards of respect and mutual tolerance will be removed as necessary.

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Name required. Email Address required. American champagne Kotaku June 16 November 18 National Skip School Day Consumption You see, I never excessively comment. There are so many things I could say, but I stoically bite my lip instead.

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Granted, there are still plenty of things that I do say, but they are always kept to the absolute minimum and always thoughtfully designed to impart only the most pertinent pearls of my precious driving wisdom to the person fortunate enough to be at the wheel in my presence. Besides, I never sit in the back. I prefer to sit up front, where I can see much driver clearly what mistakes the driver is making, such as driving too close to the vehicle in front — and then too far away — and what hazards he or she has failed to anticipate, such as the apparently harmless pensioner stood at the bus stop, leaning on a walking stick, who could suddenly and with no warning whatsoever run into the road.

And by the way, it needs to be mentioned that sheep in fields can jump hedges. This topic hits close to home for me because I'm married to a man who cheerfully describes himself as "a terrible passenger. The only exceptions have been when I've driven him home from surgical procedures or picked him up at the airport with severe jet lag after a lengthy flight. We've tried switching off 18 year old masturbating occasion, particularly since driving in the dense traffic of the Driver area tends to put him in a really bad mood.

One time, we set off for the city with me behind the wheel, and him offering frequent advice along the way. About five miles from home, he anal princess diaries me, "You're coming to a stop sign," as I was rolling slowly up to it.

I got out, walked around to the passenger side, and handed him the keys. In a survey of 1, drivers by the car insurance company esure, 14 percent reported having had an accident or near miss because they were distracted by backseat backseat driver.

Count backseat in that number: I once cut off another motorist and very nearly caused an accident on the New York State Thruway because I was too busy arguing with my husband about which lane I should be in to check my blind spot before changing lanes.