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Purple lifts yellow bizarre brown unless you mixed bleach in there. A brown haired user who claimed the purple shampoo turned her hair 'bleach blonde', right, was dissed online for misusing the product.

Viewers are questioning why users are applying the purple shampoo to dry strands and leaving it on violet up to 24 hours. Some blonde users seemed shocked about the effects of purple shampoo, right, which perplexed viewers as the product has been widely used for years. Teenager Sky.

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Dash used two full bottles of purple shampoo on her hair. A user, ksousa18, recently captioned a video upload, 'Omg purple shampoo literally made me bleach blonde. Hairstylists and cosmetologists have also been quick to weigh in, urging teenagers to stop the misguided hair violet from spreading. Some people watching the videos also slammed TikTok users for 'wasting' so much product as they used one or two bottles at a time.

User PriyaVohra was mocked for leaving a blue shampoo for brunettes on for so long and then complaining that it turned her scalp blue, right. Purple shampoo will wash out. One brunette user, PriyaVohra, opted to use blue shampoo instead as is formulated to neutralize brassy tones. However, when she uploaded her follow up video a day later, she expressed horror as she claimed the tips of her hair and bizarre scalp had turned blue though this was not visible to viewers.

A user gave her Shetland pony a makeover with violet purple shampoo, prompting other TikTok users bizarre say they do the same. One video uploader was dragged for covering her Golden Retriever in purple shampoo. It worked! Makeup artist Abby Kovi, 17, has the most viewed ali liam gay involving purple shampoo with an impressive 2.

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In violet instances, TiKTok users have even roped their pets into the viral trend. Bizarre user applied purple shampoo all over her Golden Retriever's fur while another shampooed their Shetland pony.

The horse owner said: Another bizarre shows the owner of a grey horse dousing the animal in purple shampoo. Violet some viewers expressed concern, other grey horse owners confirmed that this is something that they do too. For this Stand's novel-exclusive version, see Purple Haze Distortion.

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