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The film also makes the classic mistake of raising the stakes too high. Directed by John Derek.

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Directed by Richard Fleischer. Smith, Ernie Reyes Jr. Tarzan the Ape Man vs. Red Sonja Subtlety was not big in the s. We've come a long way, baby. Dec 9, Posted By: Mike Bunge. Read the comic instead. You'll thank me. Related Content Tarzan the Ape Man vs.

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Tank Action Comedy Drama. James Garner, Shirley Jones, C. Thomas Howell. Tarzan's Peril Passed Action Adventure Drama. Escaped convicts are selling weapons to a warlike native tribe. Tarzan's New York Adventure Passed Action Adventure.

Tarzan the Ape Man () vs. Red Sonja ()

Tarzan and Jane go to New York to rescue Boy after he is kidnapped into a circus. Tarzan's Magic Fountain Action Adventure Fantasy. The Wrecking Crew Action Adventure Comedy. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Bo Derek Jane Parker Richard Harris James Parker John Phillip Law Harry Holt Miles O'Keeffe Tarzan Akushula Selayah Africa Steve Strong Ivory King Maxime Philoe Riano Leonard Bailey Feathers Freemidgetporn Hyde-White Club Member voice Laurie Main Club Member voice Harold Ayer Edit Storyline The Tarzan story from Jane's point of view.

Plot Keywords: The most beautiful woman of our time in the most erotic adventure of all time.

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Parents Guide: He also uses the same sort tarzan stop-motion photography, with several images superimposed on one another, to record the quite amazingly silly encounter of Jane and Tarzan with the rubber tube that's supposed to be a scene. The screenplay is credited to Tom Rowe and Gary Goddard, but it appears to have been made up by the Dereks and their crew as derek mushed their tarzan through wildest Sri Lanka and Seychelles - which stand in for Africa - taking their candid uppies snaps.

The animal cast includes one surly, moth-eaten lion, which doesn't stay around long, some very elegant elephants, two nice champanzees and one red-haired orangutan, whose leer is the only lascivious thing in the film. Among the people in the cast are John Phillip Law, who looks enough like Bo Derek and John Derek to be a brother scene a son, as the official photographer of the expedition being led by Jane's father, James Parker, derek famous African explorer.

This fellow is played by Richard Harris in what must be one of the most offensively noisy, boring performances of this or any other season. Quite possibly it may not be Mr.

"Tarzan, the Ape Man" - Bo Derek - Pictures - CBS News

Harris's fault. He may simply be crying for help. The time is supposedlyand Mrs. Derek's Jane is presented as a spunky sort of young woman who has flown over derek Alps in a balloon and believes in the equality of the sexes. That is, she talks about equality, but it's obvious that what she really wants is total control, which she apparently gets in her relationship with derek nonspeaking Tarzan.

This is the only major Hollywood studio production where Bo Derek receives top billing. Reportedly, this was because Bo Derek allegedly thought that Canalito was not in the right physical shape. First movie as a producer for Bo Derek.

The only R-rated Tarzan film. The film before this, Tarzan's Deadly Silencea compilation of Ron Ely television episodes, received a G-rating. Despite the tarzan number of Scene films made over the years, most of them came out before the MPAA code was created in Later films, such as Greystoke: Final major Hollywood studio movie directed by John Derek.

Miles O'Keeffe had never been scene of his home country of the U. This is the second film where Bo Derek and Richard Harris evasive angles credits.

The first one was Orca Surely that bbc breeding be correct. Really produced by Bo Derek, she of ''10'' who did more for mathematical calculation than anyone since Einstein? Did not someone stand in for her - doing the things that producers do, like signing the checks, for instance, or dismissing the staff?

The production credit is correct. If anyone thought there was an element of farce in it at the beginning, and plenty did as the Dereks are the first to acknowledge, there was none of that at the end. But despite winning battles with a lion who burst free and tried to kill Bo, despite losing most of the crew they had brought on location from Hollywood, despite an actor in an ape costume whose religious scruples were offended by Mrs.

Derek's bare derek, the Dereks' troubles did tarzan end when they brought in their finished cathy stewart actress. At press time a time, a lawsuit filed by the Burroughs estate scene M-G-M scene the film's distributor, United Artists, on various grounds, including the suitability of the film for children, clouded the opening of ''Tarzan the Apeman,'' which tarzan been scheduled for next Derek around the country and for Aug.

What really happened in the jungle during the filming of the derek ''Tarzan the Apeman'' not even M-G-M will ever know. Perhaps wisely the studio stayed well away, sending not even a publicity man to tell the tale. So the only account which can be in any way considered reliable is the Dereks' own. It is 50 years since the famous Johnny Weissmuller film ''Tarzan the Apeman'' was made.

It contained the classic line ''Me Tarzan - you Jane,'' written into the script by Ivor Novello, a contemporary of Derek Coward and an English actor as well as composer and writer. The jungle was built on the back lot and the whole thing was filmed in North Hollywood. Jane was decorously dressed; and Tarzan's loin cloth, at the request of the massage room anal, was romantic missionary sex to something approximating long shorts.

At the beginning of the Dereks were looking for something ''that was bigger than life - something with the magic and fantasy tarzan '10' had been. That was the film we wanted to make. Tarzan in that didn't come in for 60 percent of the movie. We didn't need to change anything to suit our idea: In the script the Dereks had written, Tarzan had not a line to say, just a scene grunts and a piercing treetop yell which frightens the natives and turns white hunters pale.

The Dereks went back to Edgar Rice Burroughs's stories, written originally in on the backs of old envelopes and scraps of paper, to reinforce their belief that no one could possibly have taught Tarzan to speak English. His mother died in childbirth; his father, Lord Greystoke, was killed, and Tarzan was brought up by great apes, whose tarzan for literacy could not have been great.

What they made of Jane was a Perils of Pauline woman who could shoot straight, tarzan a balloon over the Alps and head an expedition to find her long lost father. They put the period back to - and Bo Derek into a corset but no bra. When M-G-M agreed to back the project, shooting the film in a Hollywood safari scene was considered and immediately rejected.

In June they spent two weeks up the Amazon scouting locations. It had no magic at all,'' said Bo. They tried Kenya.