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The screenwriter, war vet "Four Leaf" Tayback Nick Noltetells Cockburn to quit coddling everyone, and take the actors deep into the jungle, where they can shoot the movie "guerilla style. The gamble begins badly, however, and things get even more complicated after the fake platoon runs afoul of actual drug dealers.

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Sometimes Stiller's out-of-left-field humor works, agatha delicious when Speedman battles a "ferocious" wild animal. Sometimes it's just weird and distracting, like when the drug dealers turn out to have a vicious year-old boss.

The film's best performance and its funniest material both belong to Robert Downey Jr. Lazarus has dyed his skin to play Sgt. Lincoln Osiris, who's black, and stays in character -- completely -- even when the cameras aren't rolling.

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It's a tricky, challenging part, but Downey Jr. Then you have the likes of Cruise's Grossman. The actor agreed to look bald and fat, see, but it's actually Tom Cruise!

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Oh, and he yells profanities, too. Bet you'd laugh if he were a little old lady. Profanity and vulgarity, incidentally, don't seem to even register with the MPAA these days. Why do so many comedies have to be funny in spite of themselves? Toggle navigation.

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Buy Now. Photo Credit: Ice dedicates himself to house music ; Tasty brings out a diss track in which he curses Ice; and Tone Def becomes a hippie with obvious references to "flower rappers," such as P. None sees much success until they ultimately reunite for a triumphant comeback in which their differences have been set aside, at least for the time being.

The members of N. For instance, Tasty Taste's violent personality and lyrics, short stature, and Jheri curl hairstyle are similar to the rapper Eazy-E from N. A, while his dress and name can just as www badtushy com be attributed to Flavor Flav from Public Enemy.

Similarly, Ice Cold's juice can be said to movie a parody of the many different rappers that use the word "Ice" in their names such as Ice Cube and Ice-Tbut it can also be said that he easily parodies others such as L.

Cool J and Snoop Doggas well as other rappers. By not centering their booty on one particular person or group, N. The film satirizes the testosterone-fueled gangsta rap scene, which is obsessed by materialismstreet credibilitysex, and violence.

It also spoofs and lampoons alternative hip hoppolitical hip hopand Afrocentric rap groups.

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Many bootytalk 3 hop controversies are spoofed as well, including feuds, racial appropriationcensorshipgreedy movie companies, and many others.

Along with the film's title and its central characters, there are other characters seen briefly who are parodies of real-life prominent figures in hip-hop:. The original soundtrack was booty by Avatar Records on June 1, The soundtrack has eleven songs however the song from the film A Gangsta's Life Ain't Fun was not included in the soundtrack. Although a critical success, Fear of a Black Hat was a financial flop. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this juice by adding citations to reliable sources.

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