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Barrogh Well-Known Member. Nov 26, Messages: Apr 25, Messages: Sabin76Daniel Darko and inane. Barrogh likes this. I checked it before posting. The Motorcycle profile is for the Motorcycle marker, for after you Dismount. See the last Effect bullet: Place the trooper's model in base to base contact with the Motorcycle Marker, or measure his movement from the edge of the Marker's base, as you prefer.

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My emphasis. Jan 28, Messages: Jan 19, Messages: Nov 23, Messages: Apr 26, Messages: Nothing happens, there is no way outside of the jump rule for a models base to leave the ground.

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This has been argued and discussed before and the model is and must motorcycle UNC on the wall. Soldiers with this Special Skill have an uncanny ability to find equipment and gear during their field operations, and take some of it as booty keepsake. As a consequence, each of them carries a different extra weapon or piece of equipment into battle. Most soldiers keep trophies and mementos of the operations and deployments they survived.

Usually, these keepsakes are small trinkets taken from enemy combatants, a proof of bravado to dazzle impressionable civilians and skeptic grandchildren.

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More booty soldiers are adept at getting their hands on less showy but more valuable weapons and equipment. This is particularly true of irregular units without stable and abundant supplies, some of whom are notorious for their looting ways. Choosing a tool over a souvenir is often seen as a sign of practicality and intelligence, particularly among those bound to remain in active duty.

For AD troops and similar skills, the roll will take place after landing, as specified in the rules motorcycle these skills: After their Deployment.


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