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In the stories of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, they carried personal, booty blades but those weapons were changed out frequently. The stories were more about the characters themselves. I have to say that we love it. It was a sight to see. That seems proper. It should, given class powers talk such. The strangeness is that the system math forces you to care about gear—even with fixed bonuses, which are slightly worse than gear escalation should be.

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See Sly Flourish below for a little on Fallout 3. Two takes on this problem are useful. Talk is that gear is further regulated to a secondary or tertiary role, ala Conan. Another booty that magic items become more powerful and rarer. Also, you can have both in a system that not only has interesting and strong rewards, but also a method of rewarding item sacrifice or dramatic loss, especially by player choice.

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Fair warning: I recommend against at-will powers on items, and a stringent limit on encounter powers one, or two at most. Maybe three.

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My players seem only marginally interested in it anyway. The combination of booty bonuses and rarity is just what I need to keep the math on track and accomplish my goal. I agree. I like the attunement idea coupled with a floating magic item use. I wish there was a way daisy marie vibrator make nonmagical treasure cooler.

Sly Flourish: I really like the random rules in Essentials, too, but that was a little off topic for this essay. One thing I liked about Fallout is that the items you made were often better than those you could find.

Or they had unique effects that were just fun. That made seeking out schematics a must-do task for me. I soon figured out how booty it was to acquire parts, which made exploration a little easier on me, too. I noticed similar problems when my Dark Sun PCs were about 6th or 7th level. I recommend just using rarity when you can. Hot porntube to be careful is the main obstacle to ease of use.

See talk Will and Erik below. See MAK above. I feel similarly about the quest for the next enhancement bonus. It can be tedious. I do like the idea of consumables that allow you to bring down the BOOM! This is the genius of the wish list, by the way, for all you DMs who decry them. It puts the task of treasure selection mostly talk the players. And you can still ignore it. Players doing some of the lifting is good.

If you were like me, you rolled randomly and called it good. Now all we need are actual random item tables to stock with items sans wish lists.

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Anyways, if anyone reads this; how about treasure created specifically for the encounter or the session or indeed, a select part of an ongoing campaign? Dragon slain?

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Lich turned to dust? Holy avenger goes: The problem is that it can be difficult to do at times without it feeling all deus ex machina-ish. The example with the Holy Avenger for instance, I like the leaving part of it, but where, how and when did the party come into it?