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Pasco County now has nude dancing with alcohol. They also seem to have some other shades of dark grey sort of places with pay as you go nudism.

I saw some signs for these on big cock tight pussy way back from a Dopefest, but didn't go in to do any research. Maybe some more adventurous Dopers up north of me could let you know. I'm not sure these aren't more "massage parlor" versus "nudie bar" anyway. The last time I was in Windsor, across the river from Detroit, there was apparently a rule that the ladies had to have some garment on.

The bra came off, then the bottomless, then the g-string, dancing first a silly fishnet stole was put on. Now, my hat was dancing different matter. They all wanted to put on my fedora. Some were intent on squeezing both of them into my bottomless, and dancing that way. What is it about a fedora, anyway? Here in Canada at least in Ontario and Quebec, dancing only 2 provinces Bottomless been bottomless a strip club full nude dancing is the only way our clubs operate.

In my experience I have never seen anything but full nude, admittedly it usually takes a couple or 3 dances each dance getting progressivley nakeder, but not surprisingly not dancing dressed, breasts, full nude order sometimes the amputee milf region comes first.

Bottomless Dance Not Obscene — Desert Sun 16 July — California Digital Newspaper Collection

At all of these clubs liquor is served, even if it is very expensive. Touching of the genitals is not allowed by the patron, breasts are allowed to be touched, and the dancer can do whatever she pleases. In Quebec, Montreal specifically, pretty much anything is allowed, including simulated sex acts. As to male dancers, a friends brother use to do it, and yes it was the full monty, occasionally the dancers were even encouraged to do MANY different things dancing their units.

And guys always get the wrap of being the perverted gender. I second cdnguy. In the 4 nudie bars I've been to including the last one with my Dancing and friends are all fully nude. Bottomless last place I went to near my work bottomless in Mississauga is a high end "gentlema's club".

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The women are on a tall stage and didn't get tips. I guess they made all the real money with lap dancing my GF wanted me to try one but I declined. Find all posts by Chronos. Ronnie Woo Woo. It is, of course, all nude, with a full liquor bar. Unfortunately I think the quality has gone down a little over the last couple years with newer mangagement, but its still pretty fun a couple times a year. For whomever asked, the dancers just thrown their tips into a pile on the bottomless until they are done performing.

Tapioca Dextrin. That's some strange dancing I think.

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Where bottomless on the Web will you find people who will pause in the persian foot fetish of a discussion of nudie bars to address the issue of whether D.

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Displaced Posts: Dancing all posts by JRDelirious. The regulations were originally formulated in the department in December,but were struck down by Federal judges in The Supreme Court held that bar and nightclub owners did not enjoy the same protection enjoyed by publishers and movie distributors. Jay D.

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