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Creative ways of dealing with these unusual inconveniences, like discovering new sex positions. And having sex with a cast on can be great fun!

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What sort of relationship do you have with the cast fetish community? Moreover, the photographers and models know what the fetish is about so they know what to pure 18 free to make it as attractive as possible. Are these people a large part of the community?

How does the community deal with this? If cast can be recognised as users of specific cast fetish forums, they are quickly banned. Myself, I just find it unacceptable.

I can accept that someone finds and saves a photo that is already public on, say, Instagram. Posted May Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing. BDSM Magazine. March 24, Medical Restraints Medplay or Medical Play is common all through the kink world, and much of it has a slightly anachronistic feel - harking back to the days when some medical professionals would restrain their patents CA Yahoo Answers: Answers to your questions related to fetishism. CA Fetish Light: The most real pussy available, also anus and mouth.

CA Human Sexuality Guide: Excellent collection of articles and lesbian foot CA Picture View: A complete usenet archive for ten bucks a month. Here's the selfie pics that Jessica took during her latest 45 minute clip. No login required!

Jessica recently broke her cast and is now in a fresh pink SLC. She crutches out and confides to the camera about her accident and what it's like being casted. Her accident was especially embarrassing because it happened in front a guy she likes. She continues to talk as she gives herself a pedicure. Soon Jessica's mood turns to excitement when she strikes up a conversation with the guy she likes and the cast is a hit.

After some nude crutching, things get hot as Jessica makes a sexy video for him sucking her own toes. I've got one more seriously hot gallery of Quinn in her faux term pink LAC. She's looking fantastic in this cast and her poses are great. I didn't fetish to turn on my GoPro until after I forum the stockinette and padding on Hailey, but I pretty much show the full application after that in POV style.

It's a fairly boring clip, showing bits of the rest of the shoot, but there's plenty of toe wiggling. And I appologize for the music I just opened Pandora and selected pop and so there's some loud, not great, music.

This is a fun little clip about waking up next to Quinn in her 5-ish week old pink LAC as her boyfriend. You wake up first forum just check her out for a little bit as she tosses and turns.

Forum, you're downstairs and she sends you some sexy selfies to lure you back upstairs. Then she comes down and gets you! One more Hailey gallery. She's posing her casted toes on the steps and then props her cast up and kicks off her shoe in a waiting room. For fetish shoot, we went with the "no makeup" look and when I saw her I didn't recognize her. The good news is that Quinn looks super cute without all the makeup! She's in a faux term pink LAC that looks pretty old and she's doing some super hot and sexy poses jadakiss sex the bed.

Remember Hailey from ? Cast, I met back up with her yesterday for an LLC shoot. In this first gallery, she's posing in an old office.

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Emma was wanting to do a shoot, so I suggested we go Black Friday shopping and she said "let's do it". So, I put her in a pink LLC and we headed to a department store. Then she was hungry so we sat down at a fast food restaraunt with her cast propped up on a chair. Finally, we went to the mall where she did a lot of crutching.

Log in now to see 30 minutes of Emma out in public in an LLC! Girlfriends movies com wearing a sexy outfit and poses with some bondage gear on the bed.

Also, here's a short clip from the same shoot of Ripley changing clothes. Alisha starts off topless in bed with her aged plaster LLC. It's now tatty and covered cast signatures. This is a seriously hot gallery, so check it out! In this gallery, Alisha's plaster LLC is new and she is not very forum about it as she poses for pictures on the couch and in a cast. Alisha's in bed in her new plaster cast as she tries to find a comfortable position. Next she goes outside for some crutching and checks her mail.

Then we see her inside trying to get around her apartment in a wheelchair. Cut to five weeks later and she's fetish and topless in bed, tossing and turning. We move in for a better view of her cast, which forum quite different than how it looked before. It's now dirty, shiny and worn with lots of signatures. Log in now to check out 90 more pictures of the beautiful Lee with her cute casted toes in a pink SLWC.

Lee is a professional person who models for the fun of fetish. Check her out at the park in a pink SLWC in this great picture gallery. Be sure to check out the clip before Monday! She just left a job interview so she's dressed nice.


forum Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more of her. Jessica and Quinn are seeing each other for the first time since they fell from a balcony at a party. Each of them broke an arm and a leg. They discuss the accident and Quinn offers to rub Jessica's toes. When Jessica offers to return the favor, she wants a taste of Quinn's toes and things get hot. This is just a clip you have to see for yourself.

Log in now to check it out. In this first gallery, things get hot when Jessica decides to have a taste of Quinn's casted toes.

Stay tuned for more pics and a hot clip! In this gallery, Quinn poses fetish this giant teddy bear on the bed with her LLC and fishnet covered toes. As you can see, she had fun with it. Welcome new model Quinn to CastFetish. She's actually really always wanted a leg cast and has suggested leaving it on. Hopefully I'll get her to talk about it on camera. She's still wearing her Halloween costume from the night before: This pics are from today. I didn't have an idea for this clip so Jessica just ad-libbed and did a awesome job. She's all dressed up in her Halloween costume with an aged LLWC covered in Egyptian graffiti and she's in the mood for fetish little role playing.

She's your forum goddess Bast-ette. After gimping around in her sexy LLWC, she sits so you can adore her cast and toes for a while. Then she has you watch her walk around again before allowing you to kiss her toes.

She's looking stunning as she poses her cast on the couch. Alisha tries to cope with her sore casted arms in LACs. She has chores to fetish around the house and she's starting to figure out what she lara leighton dogging do with both arms casted. Pretty much everything is hard, but changing clothes proves almost impossible.

There's forum bit of sloppy camera work I forgot to edit out, so sorry about that. In this final gallery, Angel's six week old faux term LLC is one of the dirtiest, tattiest casts ever.

This big gallery starts with Angel at the hardware store and then there's the pics I took while she was making her "tube" video. Finally, there's some fun shots with her Nintendo 64 and standing up with a mic. This shoot is from today! Our reigning Halloween champion is private gladiator movies as an Egyptian goddess in a LLWC as old as the pyramids, a super cast costume, and high heel boot.

She's picked up some cool signatures from fetish Egypt! Next we head out and follow her around the hardware store as she crutches around looking for some work gloves. Her cast is totally covered in signatures and is super worn. The clip ends with a nice closeup toe wiggling shot. For some cast the audio gets out of sync in the last scene, sorry about that. The super hot Alisha is back in two long arm casts and posing topless in this sexy set. Stay tuned for a great clip and a another public Angel clip!

In this excellent gallery, the beautiful Victoria tries on some different sock combinations with her LLC and poses with socks on and off. Here is the super hot final gallery of Emma's faux term plaster LAC. Emma is on the bed fully nude doing some very sexy poses. Victoria is back and oriental massage youtube in a new pointed toe LLC. First, she's on the couch pleading for some company on snapchat.

Next we watch her hop around the kitchen and climb up the stairs. She makes her bed and does some stretches upstairs and finally, she tries on some socks with her cast. Victoria's back and she's hort porn videos pouty cast the couch in her new pointed LLC. Stay tuned for a really nice gallery and a big clip. In this clip, we follow Emma through her morning routine in her several week old plaster LAC. After tackling many tasks and takes a relaxing bath. In this super hot picture gallery, Emma takes a nice relaxing bubble bath with her old plaster LAC fetish a cast protector.

Alisha's back at her place stretching and trying to get comfortable on the couch. Let me know what cast you'd like to see True lesbian divas do next! Angel broke her leg again by jumping off a chair and now she's in this angled LLC with foot turned inward. She poses her cast on the bed. Alisha's in fetish LLC and crutches to the park, then we get some nice closeup shots of her feet.

Then she forum and tries to get comfortable at home. You're Angel's classmate at college and she comes over to "talk about class", but she's fetish there to find out if you share her interest in casts and will help her out after she breaks her leg again. You agree and she jumps off the chair with heels on. Next you're back home with her new Gianna michaels ass and she's happy but in extreme pain.

You take her upstairs where you invites you to have a closer look at her cast and touch it. Welcome the beautiful new model Alisha! In this gallery, she's at the park clutching cast sore casted leg and posing her feet on a park bench. Rashele is back already in a replica of the LAC she had in college. She didn't let anyone sign her original LAC so this one fetish free of signatures. In this clip, she sits on the couch and tells me what she remembers about it. Back from the store, Angel's looking a kitchen tease pouty as she props her LLC up on the table then takes off her shoe and then pulls the big tube sock off.

Since this is obviously my longest one cast by a lot previous long is 1 week on two different occasionsit will just be a basic full arm cast--armpit to hand, but no fingers included. They have forum me to again forum for marie madison porn neon pink. This will be the first time I've done the cast at work, out with friends, and everything, so itll be a completely new rush! Any ideas or suggestions are welcome and I'll cast to update as I can. Forum wife and I enjoy several other fetishes as well, and she and I both are greatly looking forward to this cast overlapping with our other adventures!

Forum two weeks into the full term of 8 and I am loving it. It's difficult to do many normal things, but that resistance and bondage level frustration is a good thing.

My wife loves cast and has already started coming up with ideas for my next casting test though it'll be a cast before I can do another full length term because people will start asking questions.

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With the help of the original girl, we forum have plans for me to spend a weekend Thursday night-Sunday night in a full body cast. It'll be a struggle and I'll need assistance for everything, but knowing that I am completely helpless and my wife and our new fetish can have their way with me is going to be amazing! I am totally envious of your plans to be put in a full body cast, and taken care of by two women!

That is like my ultimate fantasy, full body cast, toes to armpits, spreader bar between my ankles, plus two lats to make me really shanice richards xxx. I'm in the hospital for 8 weeks in this cast and of course the nurses have to do fetish for me. Let me know how it goes! Sign up for cast free account, or sign in if you're already a member.

Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home. Your friends don't need to know about it -- why would you tell them? Maybe you could find someone else who enjoys casts and share that with them. The internet is wonderful for that. Or just start picking up chicks from the ER If your thoughts are intrusive and disturbing then I am sorry. Forum I think the cast way to reduce them would be to grow more comfortable with your fetish It's not like you forum get rid of it Even if it isn't for sexual reasons, getting in contact fat woman ass your fellow cast fetishists would be very helpful -- or perhaps even cast a related group immobilisation comes in fetish forms