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Only when im casted and castfetish camera is rolling I feel my self proud. You know what is that proudness, I mean. Arousal experience when the cast is on me.

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So this travel project I castfetish to make it this year, if you have ideas, what kind of videos or casts you like contact me. I castfetish to travel with my cast set and crutches, to castfetish videos for this project I hosed soles patrons to suppport me, to provide them back the best quality creative cast content what I can do.

With the most artistic close ups from the surface and the texture of the cast. I love to touch my cast coldness and hardness soft and warm inside. Shiny surface.

Think toes, bondage, and helping people in casts do their household chores.

In my videos you can see me how I cope with the difficulties and how im enjoying being casted by my fetish and all admire for the plaster castfetish crutches. BiB2 by Nodu. LLC castday gips plaster gesso brokenfeet legcast cast yeso peengessado brazil castfetish castfetish toes feet brokenleg leg highheels lovemyfeet lovemycast pequebrado nails unhas soles feetfetish footfetish pedicure pesfemininos by Castday Brazil.

A Summer Cast by Jan Parton. Pairing with a flat sandal av anal not good for castfetish any distance. Out for a Pleasant Afternoon by Jan Parton. Plaster in the 21st Century by Jan Parton. I noticed a lot of comments under it.

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They were very nice, comforting, and complimenting, castfetish asking her to do more videos. Then I saw that she already had a few videos about the cast, all with similar comments.

I recognized some of the nicknames from other cast videos comment sections. Castfetish was shocking and disgusting. I wrote a message to her, explaining it as gently as I could and asking her to show my message to her parents.

Links to other Cast and Brace sites @ Cast Central

Her channel disappeared shortly after. Castfetish was glad and kind of proud, but the whole situation raised a few questions and doubts in accepting castfetish fetish. Right, I imagine that this small minority of people create a bad image of cast fetishism.

Of course, someone with a real injury that realizes the cast fetish exists and enjoys the attention is okay as well—and there happen to be such cases. The condition is just that it must be enjoyable for both parties.

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Booty talk 72 beautiful girl broke the ligaments in her left knee. She's wearing a kneebrace and a pair of shorts.

#castfetish hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

She's very fast with her crutches. Hafid Viche castfetish a live video. October 30 at 5: It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

Posted by Abdelhak Zebiri.