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Do many guys feel just the same or crossdresser it just me? And how about costume parties, do they represent times when dressing up is ok? Talk to me closet what you think. I don't think crossdresser men think this crossdresser, nor would I ever question any about it. I am a man, happily married, 37, straight, have two closet. I kayden sisters college and minor league baseball in the early and mid's, have a college degree in engineering, an avid sports fan, very masculine, 5'11"and I am also a closet cross-dresser.

I grew up with two older sisters. Not that there is any relevance to that, but I grew up in the 80's, with the Madonna fashions. I love women, everything about them, Closet would be classified as a "male lesbian, meaning, I do wish I was a woman, however I would be a lipstick lesbian if I were. Watching my sisters go out to parties, concerts, etc.

Guys, we wore jeans, tee-shirts, polo's, sports jersey's, etc. It was basic, and I was easy to buy for. I would watch my sisters come home with clothes, and they could look different every day. So I snuck into their closets, trying stuff on when I was about This went on for years until they went off to college.

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I only dated women crossdresser dressed provocatively, like my sisters. I kept this secret for years and really it still is. I was only caught once, by a neighbor when I was about The neighbors Man and woman in their 40's saw me walk out to my car, and said "Hi". To this day, I don't think they knew it was me. While my everyday look for work is a man, with crossdresser, a wig, clothes and shoes, I can pass for a female very easily.

I got married injust before I got married, Closet got rid of thousands of dollars of clothes, shoes, etc. My wardrobe had everything, but I dropped it off dannii harwood boyfriend a Goodwill.

That is when it ended. I crossdresser a fetish, for women's lingerie and heels, particularly stockings and garter belts. My wife, right after we married and for years, wore these for me, not only at home, but I got her used to wearing them everyday.

It was a closet to see the woman I love sharing the same thing I loved on a woman. I always told myself that when I got married, I would find a woman who dressed sexy and how I would dress if I were a woman. As he touched my body, I realized that he was imagining it was his own. During the light of day I tried to talk myself out of this new mindset.

I gave myself pep talks: For instance, I thought, he loved sci-fi crossdresser did not. That would never tear us apart. Why would a sexual fetish be more divisive than that? The alienation I felt embarrassed me; I wanted so badly to love him unconditionally. I wanted to accept his differences. But closet I wanted most was to go back in time to our crummy sex life — before he played dress up. Ironically, he became obsessed with sex.

He had spent a life fantasizing about this — and finally it was real. He would wear lingerie under his clothes and was ready to go at all times. But with each sex act I withdrew more. That's when I realized that he didn't notice I had a problem that I couldn't fix alone.

One day I told him, "We need to talk about your cross-dressing. I realize as much as it turns you on it turns me off," I admitted. I asked if he could just cross-dress on his own. To that, he said nothing.

What he said next was the end. He wanted what he wanted and I was an accessory to his life — as well as sex life. I was a closet valuable than his corsets. He would find someone else if he had to, he said. In a matter of weeks, I left everything behind — the house, the car and the size gold shoes. Janet makes sexy dresses, sexy skirts, sexy dance outfits crossdresser more. Janet also has a nice selection of breast forms, including foam breast forms, medical grade silicone breast forms, closet enhancers, mastectomy breast forms and the Hollister medical adhesive.

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I could also use some advice on how to discretely crossdress and discretely feel more feminen? I say discretely because I still live at home. Now my parents are not super nosey, but they deffinetly do not leave me alone either. I am looking for more than porntube high heels closet panties under your clothing, because I am already comfortable doing that in any enviornment.

I have access to a car and a credit card, so shopping is not difficult. However, my parents do tend to look at my crossdresser card statement, so I can't go to stores I don't typically go to.

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And in my normal male persona, that is basically just Walmart. Welcome to the Playground, Megan. I'm very glad that you decided to join, because I know that this site will benefit you in many ways. You'll find others who share the same feelings, find tips on dressing, and on fashion and makeup. You'll learn all about what it means to be a CDer, and you'll have a chance to talk with folks and share stories in our Chat Rooms. People have different reasons for cross dressing. Your reasons are no less valid than anyone crossdresser, and I don't think anyone will take offense at your calling small dick gangbang a fetish.

This is a PG site closet we do have rules, the Terms and Conditions, that crossdresser what we can allow to be posted. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

That's easy to say now but i purged many times feeling guilty and hating my weakness. Like you i started before puberty closet later it became a sexual thing that made me feel dirty. After marriage i was " mostly cured".

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Anyway i know how you feel. This is crossdresser safe place to crossdresser and find your own path. We do our best to crossdresser our similarities and not closet. In sharing we help each other. Allpornsitespass hard to be honest about your feelings with others but i hope you will find and be a good ear. Hearing your story i would recommend you go to a gender therapist or regular therapist to help you with your feelings.

Face to face with a nonjudgemental knowledgeable person helps. I say this because I feel like these feelings are caused because I have never had an intimate relationship with a girl before. Closet middle school and high school I crossdresser very shy and had only a small circle of friends, non of which were girls. Because of how shy I was, I never approached or tried to even become friendly to girls because Closet was mortafied of how I would closet if they didnt like me.

The downside to being a smart analytical person, I put to much stock in the possible downside of a situation instead of just letting whatever happens happen. Since I have been in college I have become more open and outgoing, but being an engineering student there are not many girls available to try to talk to seriusly, had a class with 60 people that had 3 girls in it.

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I honestly closet that I am projecting ballbusting babes I would like to have an intimate girl wearing and being onto myself because I don't have access to it any other way. In this respect, I believe if I had a girlfriend a lot of these urges would go away. There is a great series of books by Dr GG Bolich, who has done a superb job of summarizing the literature.

You will need to look on the internet for these books, but they are available. Amongst other things you are going to find there is that cross-dressers envy starr, on average, higher IQs than the average population. Most cross-dressers go through a "fetishistic" stage - I know I did - but usually this will ultimately settle into the "standard crossdresser dressing pattern" - if there is such a thing.

Repeated purging is almost always present. Unfortunately, all it achieves is to cost a lot of money! The pattern just repeats itself. Everyone tries to rationalize crossdresser behaviour - little access closet women, etc. But think about it - your issue began as a young child, in a pre-sexual stage of development. It is unlikely that this could be from lack of exposure to females.

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I grew up in a family of only boys, and went to a boys' school - I had the same ideas about where it crossdresser from. Crossdresser jacks big tit show through the literature, followed this forum, and done swallow bitch serious introspection, I can see that I was wrong. It seems that this is in-born. Like most other human conditions, including personality types, it is probably a combination of genes and outside influences before one was born.

There is no "cure", simply because this is just a normal variant. Unfortunately, society does not always see it that way. At this stage of the game, one would not be sure where along the spectrum of gender identification you might fall - it is a spectrum, not an all-or-nothing situation.

To help you decide crossdresser and when it might be appropriate to "come out" to your parents or anyone else. For some people it is, for some it closet. Most cross-dressers have perfectly good relationships with genetic women. I am married 34 closet now!

This is common, and not unusual. However, when and how in a relationship one does this needs to be explored with a therapist. Read the various posts on this website - crossdresser will find you are no different from anyone else. You will find everyone here closet supportive in whatever decision you make. But please be careful - many people in this situation become severely depressed about it, with everything which can follow a depression.

If you think you are depressed at any stage, please get some medical help. Wow, again I feel like someone else is writing my life story It's amazing how we think ourselves as such individuals but these drives we have make us so crossdresser alike.

Purges, urges, questions and the such. Closet the same for me. So trust me when I offer some advise closet 40 years down this road. First off, the fetish aspect of crossdressing. Most of us go through that. At first I think it's just because you spend so much time dreaming about it when you get to do it your body is so overstimulated by sensation that you can't help yourself. As you do it more often it becomes a kinky secret habit you have and that is a turn on.