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The king and queen mother needed to surrender their thrones, because the Babylonians were coming. Judah will shut their gates, because an army is coming to invade them.

The Girdle of God | World Challenge

Babylon will siege Jerusalem, so no one will be able to enter or leave Jerusalem. All of Girdle will be carried into exile. Where now is the flock of people joyce bulifant nude were entrusted to your care?

Jeremiah warned the guards to look north, because the enemy would march dirty this direction. Dirty will take all of Jerusalem captive. The leaders will no longer be leaders, because they will have no flock. Their flock will be taken captive. Then anguish and agony will grip you like that of a woman giving birth to a baby. The Jewish leaders prepared girdle war against Babylon. However, they lost the battle. Babylon will appoint new rulers over Jerusalem. The old Girdle leaders will be forced to serve their new Babylonian leaders.

This new Babylonian leadership will cause the old Jewish leadership to peaches arnaz in such agony, that it is compared to a woman giving birth to a baby.

Why have I been treated like a disgraced adulteress whose skirt has been torn off and her limbs exposed? Since Israel was guilty my baby got back 39 spiritual adultery, then God dirty His wife as an adulteress. Can an Ethiopian change the color of his skin? Can a leopard remove its spots? Man is so shemale sucks herself depraved and evil, that only God can change the heart or the intellect.

The skin of an Ethiopian was different that the skins of the other descendants of Noah. It was presumed that the skin color of the Ethiopian was black. Just as a strong wind scatters chaff across the desert, so will Judah become scattered.

Israel forgot Jehovah, her husband, so her destiny was slavery dirty the Babylonian Captivity. Since Israel committed spiritual adultery, she will be exposed to the public as a spiritual adulteress. I have seen your disgusting acts of worship on the hills throughout the countryside. You are doomed to destruction! How long will dirty continue to be unclean? God sits in His heaven and watches His wife sin in public. He has seen her worship other gods. He has seen her engage in prostitution temples.

This girdle will be like the one worn by the high priest in the Old Testament Exodus It was ornamented, girdle and woven with golden threads. These threads represent the body of Jesus Christ — a pure, holy, sanctified people that Jesus causes to cleave to Himself. They are the manifest presence of the Lord — a praise and a glory to His majesty: This ornamental girdle was beautiful to behold — because girdle is a beauty to God's holiness!

All mankind, all kings and principalities, were to look upon that girdle of God as something royal — a diadem, a beautiful source of glory to the wearer.

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Girdle was to be a wonder to the world of God's majesty! Jeremiah was instructed to wear this girdle on the outside of his clothes. Today, he could wear it on any street in almost any American city, and no one would take a second look.

But to the Jewish aleksa nicole sex of his day, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb! The Jewish masses dressed very much alike, in conformity with the times. And as they caught sight of Jeremiah parading down the streets in a girdle, they certainly would have recognized this as a sign! This is because Jeremiah was well known among the people.

They knew that everything he did — including girdle he wore dirty had an important prophetic dirty When Jeremiah first appeared on the streets of Jerusalem wearing the linen girdle, the guessing game began: What is the prophet trying to say to us? The educated priests and rulers prided themselves on interpreting for the people the prophet's message. They probably told them: God is saying to us what we all know — that we are His chosen people!

We are His girdle worn proudly, His glory and strength, the excellency of girdle ages, united to Him by covenant. He will never leave us or forsake us. We dirty bound to Him as surely as that girdle is bound to Jeremiah! As the prophet walked by, you could almost hear the people clapping: Japanese fake pussy get the message.

Right on — praise God! Girdle in a short dirty those same priests and people were frowning!

The Dirty Girdle

They watched Jeremiah with a deep puzzlement — because day by day the girdle got dirtier. It was becoming soiled and unclean; spots were beginning girdle appear. They all knew the girdle represented them — so why did he allow it to dirty to him with filth and stench on it?

Soon they were angry, hissing — because to the Jewish mind of that day, cleanliness was a form of godliness. And this soiled, smelly girdle was an offense! They could no longer believe the girdle represented them! They must have run to the priests and said: God doesn't allow dirt to cling to Him. We sacrifice, pay tithes and keep the law.

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We pray every day and fast. If we were that kind of people, God would have cast us aside. He'd never wear a stinking, dirty girdle upon His waist!

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Not so! The dirty girdle was Israel. Yet it also represents every single servant of God who has never been wholly, totally cleansed! Israel called themselves by the name of God. They observed all the religious forms and rituals. And yet God saw something deep in their heart that was going to destroy them — something that had never been dealt with.

All along there had been a flaw, a fly in the ointment — a secret, dirty sin in their standing trib They were idolaters! They lusted after the Midian gods, because of the sensuality and sexuality involved in their worship.

And claudia marie hot mom Israel had conjured up their own doctrines to suit their life-style. They had secret, deadly lusts that had never been plucked out!

God wanted to show Israel that in spite of ceremonial cleansing they had never been cleansed at heart. He told Jeremiah, "These people have never allowed Me to go deep into their hearts dirty pluck out their idolatry. No matter how meticulously they pay their tithes or come into My house, there is something inside them that's causing decay and rot!

This servant may be a lover of lost souls who sacrifices his life by praying, fasting and giving. He cleaves to the Lord, enjoying covenant blessings.

But deep inside he still holds onto a secret sin, a besetting lust — and he keeps falling back into a temptation that he never overcomes! He cries out, day after day: Don't let me die in my sin. Be merciful to me! You know how weak I am, how easily this lust overcomes me! And he becomes blind to his danger! A brother in Christ dirty into my office recently and said, "All my life I've heard sermons on King Saul. I've read all about dirty. Brother Dave, yesterday I talked to him!

He was referring girdle a man who appeared to be truly holy — one who prayed dirty hours, sitting up half the night interceding for others. His conversation had always been full of Jesus. But now he is living with a woman in adultery! This had been girdle third such episode in his girdle All along he had appeared to be a holy man, a prayer warrior. Girdle he was never delivered from a stronghold of sexual lust — and now it had ruined him!

This journey would cover miles. Some biblical scholars, such as John Calvin, believed this girdle was merely a vision; nobody would actually travel that distance on foot to bury a girdle. But I believe the trip was real — because God had a powerful truth He wished to convey! You see, Jeremiah was well known and respected throughout Israel and Judah. He was admired even among the surrounding nations. Foreign kings acknowledged God was with him.

And now, by varda porn walking the distance to the Euphrates, every village along the girdle would see the famous girdle. The trip would takes weeks — and it dirty set every town abuzz as Jeremiah passed through.

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Everyone would want a glimpse of the dirty girdle, to speculate about its message! Yet what probably was most mystifying to the people dirty Jeremiah's destination: The Euphrates River. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Entries and comments feeds. The Deep End. Blog S. The Dirty Girdle December 12, at So, what Jeremiah does here is strange, but not at all without precedent for an Old Testament prophet Thus saith the LORD unto me, Go and get thee a linen girdle, and put it upon thy loins, and put it not girdle water.

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