Expert guide to female orgasms

Plus, the 5 best positions for female orgasm

So what is an orgasm exactly?

Create Your Event. Share this event: Get Tickets. Dive into the diverse, complex, and beautiful world of female pleasure and orgasm with renowned sex expert Tristan Taormino. Do you want to have your first orgasm?

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Do you have trouble achieving orgasm alone or with a partner? Do you want to teach your partner how to help you have an orgasm during sex? Do you want to have better, longer, easier, or more intense orgasms? From anatomy and arousal to external stimulation and penetration techniques, Tristan will show you the ins and outs of female pleasure and satisfaction.

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The Expert Guide to Female Orgasms with Tristan Taormino (Good Vibrations- Polk St.)

And then eventually, somewhat embarrassingly, it was a TV show called Masters of Sex that helped things make a lot of sense. The show introduced me to the work of sexologists Dr Guide Masters female Virginia Johnson, who helped usher in the sexual revolution with their findings about pleasure and sexual response.

They came up with the human sexual response cycle which looks like this:. It kind of all clicked together and I could feel the stages as I was getting down. And yes, it helped me get there. Fireworks, baby. Sex educator Georgia Grace tells The Hook Up that for some people, learning about what orgasm means and where they may be in certain stages of arousal can be helpful. But she also acknowledges that sex is about so much more than this process: I believe that knowledge is power. This knowledge gave me the power to climax.

And maybe some of the following knowledge will empower you too. Apart from the aforementioned contractions, lots of other things are going on, like: They become engorged and expert you reach orgasm the muscles involuntarily, rhythmically contract and then relax. Hold up a sec, are there actually different types of orgasm? Well, this is a bit up in the air too. We have this idea that different body parts give us pron star indian kinds of orgasms.

In cis-women, it's a common belief that vaginal, G-spot and clitoral orgasms are different and that some are superior to others. But Dr Prause's study did find that women who mostly come by stimulating the clitoris report higher libido and higher arousal to visual stimulation. And that makes perfect sense, the clitoral glans the exposed bit, the proverbial bean to be flicked houses about 8, nerve endings orgasms double as many in the head of a penis. So if you want to come, it's the most efficient spot to target. It gets around the whole area.