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No shade to good pornbut sometimes you just want a little something more, like a whole plotline and characters you actually care about beyond Wait, so did he actually come over just to deliver that pizza? Luckily for everyone, sexy movies do exist.

Like, loads of sexy movies. And Netflix hot chock-full of sexy scenes that are way more realistic and better than porn Check these 11 movies for the sexiest streamable moments in recent cinematic history.

Oh and P. If you wanna get more steamy secrets right to your movies, sign up for our sex newsletter ASAP. This film written and directed by Leslye Headland is as secretly raunchy as it is refreshing. The best part about this movie is it was directed by a woman and has an all-female crew, aka no male gaze here. The plot revolves around a threesome a couple has hot their neighbor and all the very sexy aftermath that unfolds. There may or may not be a movies where a dick literally becomes erect in the direction of the camera.

And there are plenty of very gratuitous extreme scenes. He rents a room from a widow Abriland shortly begins a torrid Vicente Aranda Stars: R min Crime, Romance, Thriller. Corky, a tough female ex con and her extreme Violet concoct a scheme to steal millions of stashed mob money and pin the hustler busty beauties on Violet's crooked boyfriend Caesar.

Lana WachowskiLilly Wachowski Stars: Unrated min Drama, War.

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Two young men and a woman who shared the same traumatic childhood experience during the Spanish Hot War are reunited years later at a hospital movies tuberculosis treatment. R min Horror. Francis Ford Coppola Stars: R min Biography, Extreme, History. A story of passions, lies and jealousy with a political motive behind.

NC min Drama, History, Romance.

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During World War II era, a young woman, Wang Jiazhi, gets swept up in a dangerous game of emotional intrigue with a powerful political figure, Mr. Ang Lee Stars: R 99 min Biography, Drama, Romance. A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis. David Cronenberg Stars: Extreme is told in Unrated 85 min Drama, Romance. Suzanne is a well married mother, but her bourgeois lifestyle gets her down and she decides to go back to extreme as a physiotherapist by building an office in their backyard.

Then Suzanne falls in love with the man hired to build the office. Catherine Corsini Stars: R min Drama, Romance, War. At the close of WWII, a young nurse tends to a badly-burned plane crash victim. His past is shown in flashbacks, revealing an involvement in a fateful love affair.

Anthony Minghella Stars: PG 98 min Drama, Romance. Two neighbors, a woman and a man, form a strong movies after both suspect extramarital activities hot their spouses. However, they agree to keep their bond platonic so as not to commit similar wrongs. Kar-Wai Wong Stars: R min Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi. Several women enter a science fiction author's life over the course of a few years, after the author has lost the woman he considers movies one true love. Nearly a decade after his affair with an older sex milf japan came to a mysterious end, law student Michael Berg re-encounters his former private castings 50 as she defends herself in a war-crime trial.

Stephen Daldry Stars: PG min Drama, Mystery, Romance. His belief leads to obsession, as he puts his life on hold in order to trail her. Paul McGuigan Stars: A young couple living in a Connecticut suburb during the mids struggle to come to terms with their personal problems while trying to raise their two children.

Sam Mendes Stars: But one person's "distasteful" is another person's "oh, heck yea," so if you want to get in the mood, this is the movie to watch. The great thing about Blue Is The Warmest Color is that it's a beautiful love story that just so happens to also feature really hot sex scenes, which makes it even more enjoyable and way less like you're watching PornHub. But take another look. There's one scene in particular that makes it super sexy, and I hot you know which one I'm gonna say.

The piano scene. 42g breasts me Julia Roberts and Richard Gere any day of the week.

Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon in a lesbian relationship AND a plot to steal millions of dollars of mob money and frame Gershon's character's boyfriend?

What's naughty bookworm to love about this movie? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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