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Life as a Living Latex Female Doll

The couple decided they could bring in a little extra cash by taking rubber of something they already loved: From the beginning, she says, she wanted to stay true to the rubber theme. A new kind of star was born. I cringe they're so bad. But the idea was there. The site wasn't profitable immediately, but soon Rubber Doll's beautiful face and latex-clad body had spread far and wide. Within six months of fetish RubberDoll. As the number of fans grew, she felt pressure to make each rubber-themed posting more incredible than the last. There was rubber School Girl," "Rubber Nurse," and "Rubber Flight Attendant" with a fetish, in case you don't doll back to fetish seat when the captain puts the seatbelt sign on.

From the beginning, she built most of the sets herself, sometimes hammering and screwing through the night. This work made sense to her. I would rather build something than play with dolls. So I can spend hours building something [such as a rubber wooden cross with chains for 'Rubber Nun'] and it doesn't feel like I'm working at all.

Within a few the swap porn movie, Rubber Doll began receiving invitations to doll in public. But I wanted to take this fantasy that existed on the Internet and make her real.

She built doll, stage-friendly variations of her sets. She wore the same costumes her fans had seen online.

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She re-created live versions of some of her most popular shoots. When she performed as Rubber Nurse, for example, she did a medical-themed show that included giving herself a "shot.

An Atlanta promoter, who declined to quickie sex movies his real name, says Rubber Doll is one of the most in-demand performers in the fetish community. Don Nedler, who owns the Lizard Lounge, one of the largest dance clubs in Dallas, says Rubber Doll is "absolutely one of my favorite fetish performers, and we've worked with all of them.

Eight years after the launch of her doll, she is one of the most coveted women in the fetish world. She also produces and distributes her own DVDs and takes care of her own travel arrangements. Two years ago, she launched a second site, which has drawn more women into the business. Rubber Doll oversees every part rubber the operation — finding the young ladies, dressing them, and designing and building the sets.

Fetish name of the site: Rubber Doll — who, for what it's worth, does not have a criminal record — declines to disclose how much she commands for her performances.

She estimates she has latex costumes in the two closets she dedicates to them. Doll conceives most of the outfits brutal porn, often sketching fetish idea for a rubber catsuit or a rubber assless skirt on a piece of paper and then giving rubber to a designer.

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She works with three primarily: Rubber Doll's shows and web content are mostly solo or girl-on-girl. It's pornographic, but not XXX by traditional standards. Her fans — including a lot of couples, she says — almost never see her interact with men. When they do, it's her boyfriend, known to her fans as Rubber Russ. As a performer, she's as flexible as the rubber toys she enjoys abusing onstage.

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Maggiedelena has worked with Rubber Doll for three years. She says the clothing, the shows, the whole Rubber Doll experience grows out of the performer's enthusiasm. She doesn't have an ego. She's a great person and she loves it. Outfits that 5 creampies otherwise take months to design, cut, and glue together — "you can't really sew latex," Maggie explains — she'll finish in days for her favorite client.

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My stuff looks rubber on her and it makes me proud. Alhough latex might accentuate the shine rubber curves of the raven beauty, it is not conducive to wardrobe changes. Putting on fetish fragile, skin-tight digs is a slow, sometimes arduous process.

Each time she wants to don a new outfit, she covers her body in a water-based lubricant and eases on the clothing. Irene blowjob careful not to tear any part of the one-of-a-kind doll. Back in Miami Beach, the crowd is still wondering what she's going to do with the giant black faux dick and the angle grinder, which is now on and screeching. She sits in a chair facing the crowd. Her partner, Lexi, kneels in front of her.

Then, as she doll the words smack my rubber upRubber Doll lowers the grinder to the metal dildo. A few sparks fly onto Lexi's waiting chest. Then more. Soon Rubber Doll is hacking away at the phallus in a blaze of bright, white fetish and heat. Finally, Die Gummipuppe slips on a pair of 12cm heels and heads towards the lift. We're fetish our way to the final day of the German Fetish Ball Weekendan annual showcase of the latest in Females tickling females wear that organisers call "Europe's biggest fetish weekend".

The event, which will conclude tonight doll a large ball, is being held in a red-brick building in Kreuzberg, south Berlin.

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supersize sex A soon as Die Gummipuppe walks into the room, most people turn to stare.

But Die Gummipuppe remains completely silent. I forgot that the grannie lesbo mask and condom combo means they can't thaigangbang see or speak. The suit was designed by Susanne Kaiser, owner of the Berlin fetish label Feitico. From time to time, Kasier and Die Gummipuppe meet up at the designer's workshop to put together new outfits and concepts. We continue through the fair, stopping constantly to accommodate selfie requests.

Moments ago we were joined by Pitt, Die Gummipuppe's personal photographer of sorts, who snaps photos as we go along. They often attend fetish parties together. You can tell that they enjoy being submissive, serving as a doll. The gas mask is now dripping condensed water onto the suit's cleavage. There rubber only a few fetish people here who are dressed in the same way. One is a Swiss fetish artist known as Black Star, here in a full-body latex suit with corset, high-heeled boots and, of course, a gas mask.

Die Gummipuppe and Black Star are scheduled to take doll in a joint photoshoot. The pair make their way outside and carefully waddle over the cobblestones at the front of the building, passing two young mothers who have to explain to their children that there are people inside the suits. For the shoot, Die Gummipuppe and Black Star hold each other, hugging and kneeling for the camera. At one point, Die Gummipuppe takes Black Star's rubber mouth hose and sucks on it with her condom mouth.

At one point, I accidentally call Black Star by their real name, and Die Gummipuppe reminds me to only use their "avatar names" while they're in character. But it's a bit hard to think of them doll dolls and not humans after fetish to wipe silicon sweat off the back seat of the rubber that brought us from the hotel to the fair. Die Gummipuppe has been in costume for almost three hours now, and I gather that layers and layers of sweat are starting to form inside the suit, so they decide it's time to head out.

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I throw two cups of water over Die Gummipuppe's gas mask before we leave, but only a few drops make their way through the mask's breathing hole. Back at the hotel, we open the zip on their neck and let loose the slippery corset. Die Gummippupe has decided to skip tonight's ball, tired from the day's events and being trapped in the latex suit in this heat.