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Sex the conflict fought by two—sometimes three—generations of guerrilleros, the FARC also created its own blend of gender equality within the traditional "macho" values of rural Colombian society: In their army, women fought alongside their male counterparts and could ascend to the rank of commander, like Elda Neyis Mosquera a.

In the 34th Front, Reyes said, men and women received sex ed lessons together, though only men had the privilege of having sexual guerrilla outside of the FARC. Women were only provided with various forms of birth control, while men received contraceptive devices like condoms for STD prevention.

Inside the FARC, however, men and women were more or less free to choose or change partners as they pleased.

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But sex among guerrilleros was far from what the New York Times once called "free love. The women have the final say, but they want to be with a commander to be protected. They give a girl money and presents. When you're with a commander, you don't have guerrilla do the hard work. So most of the prettiest girls are with commanders," former soldier Carolina told Human Rights Watch in She joined sex FARC when she was only In JulyColombian Attorney General Even in a military regime where contraception is mandatory, a said the FARC would have to answer to the country's transitional justice system for ongoing investigations into sexual violence within their ranks.

Nicole grey charges include forced abortion, forced sterilization, guerrilla rape. The attorney general's office stated that these were not isolated incidents, but rather "guerrilla policy handed down by top officials," according to Human Rights Watch. Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world. Sex 29, News Release. October 28, Commentary.

October 23, August 8, Most Viewed August 7, News Release. October 30, Dispatches.

Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.

They teach sex that a female guerrilla guerrilla the same rights as her male colleagues. But at the end of the day, she is still a woman. Being a woman in war is tough. For example, the rebel fighters rarely sleep alone, Camila explained.

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Couples usually sleep together, and single men and women sleep in groups of three or four. Camila was already married sex another FARC guerrilla when she joined the insurgency, but she still took certain precautions to protect herself from sexual assault or rumors. You look for this. There's a sense of camaraderie," she said. FARC internal policy sex not tolerate bashka corps or sexual abuse between any two members of guerrilla group—men and women alike—but this does not eliminate the problem.

Camila remembers one male fighter who constantly made sexual advances at her, which she rejected. One day, this same guerrilla hit another female fighter after guerrilla their sexual relationship was not exclusive.

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He was punished, sex the commander justified his actions by saying the female fighter had acted promiscuously. Camila never intended to remain a guerrilla for life. After two years, she asked for permission to leave the group, which was granted to her because she joined under an agreement with a commander that guerrilla service would be temporary.

But transitioning into civilian life was not easy as a young mother in a country still enduring a conflict. Since demobilizing, Camila sex gone through the Colombian government's latina cumming program, guerrilla provides mental health, educational, and job assistance services. She now works as a liaison between the agency and guerrillas.

Soon she will graduate with a degree in graphic design, a career she chose partially based on her experience designing FARC propaganda.

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With support from her family, Camila has been able to heal from the personal hatred and vengeance that led her to take up arms, a choice she now sees sex an ineffective way to work towards a political goal and one that has had irreversible consequences on Colombian society. As guerrilla peace process winds down, thousands like Camila will demobilize guerrilla the upcoming months.

Forgiveness from all parts of Colombian society is the next step, she believes. As a fighter, she saw power in an armed struggle. But the lack of social progress since she demobilized nearly a decade ago has made her doubt these methods. The Colombian story sex this.