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Well my brethren, if you were to quickly jump on to my wife's website, Larasplayground. Site members will have already salivated at the sight of Lara burying her tongue in Ava's tight bum and japanese girl sex tape will have drooled all over their laptops as Ava reciprocated with her lizard like tongue flicking in and out of Lara's tight bum!

Well folks, guess what, these two hussies invited my to join in their shameful shenanigans. At first I was shocked and appalled at the idea of being forced to engage in a rampant orgy with a girl dressed in a school uniform and a long legged MILF in stockings and heels! So I made a quick brew to calm myself down, said a short prayer and then leapt in to the affray.


Lara wasted no time in jamming my hard cock into Ava's sodden pussy and then eagerly licking the juice as my how slid in and out, all to the tune of Ava's load groans! She knew no shame! Well, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that chloe amour pov enjoyed gorging all the food and salivating over the gorgeous Tracy Gold. Anyway, this slip to celebrate New years Eve, we have the delectable Gina.

You saw Gina make her appearance a old weeks ago, jim which she dressed up in a school uniform and did some sexy single girl action. Well now she's back and this time has decided to take things to the next level.

Jim Slip, UK Porn with British Street Sluts @Jim_slip

Well the next level, per se, is where the lovely Gina has enquires as to the possibility of exploring beyond the boundaries of single girl xxx action and instead plunging into the steaming quagmire of hard core porno filth.

Feb 4, A bespectacled mature man roams the streets of London and picks up chicks and shags them rotten back at his place.

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He may strike you as nerdy, but he certainly gets a lot of sex. His genial demeanor keeps you laughing while his fuck-filled regular updates keep you hot and horny. The mood may be light, but the action, often captured in Full HD, is hardcore. Jim Slip is a bespectacled older dude who wears a tie and he reminds me of a nerdy science professor.

Jim Slip review JimSlip by PornInspector

He certainly doesn't look like a pornstar, but this guy gets trim all the freakin' time! Cute chicks in plaid mini skirts, college coeds, older ladies and even edgy biker chicks, he really gets his pick of jim crop. His site looks good and the members' area is old to browse for the most part. The only problem is that it doesn't have separate video and photo sections.

But you can track all your favorites, post comments, use keyword tags, leave a rating and you get some sorting options. JimSlip is adding one new scene a week right now. You get access to a webcam site, but you'll have to pay to chat once you use up the free credits you're provided with. Also included with a membership are a bunch of slip videos and the personal site of Jim's wife, Lara. The movies are great these include all of Jim's vids, plus anything he's done with his bride.

Each video comes with a brief description. Some can only be enjoyed in parts, but you can often enjoy full-length versions. I half-expected to sex nylon video captures and was happy old find that even if old pics are amateur, they're clear and the newer ones are high-res shots.

The galleries can be downloaded in Zip files. I didn't catch any really steamy close-ups, but at least you get some good shots of the sex. I was also expecting this site to cut to the hardcore chase.

While fucking certainly takes up the bulk of the scenes, there's a lot more than just sex. I loved how interviews with the models and I really got off on Jim's easygoing personality. In the movie I watched, the babe seemed immediately comfortable with him, which led to a seriously hot scene.

There's nothing I love better than a reality porn site with excellent quality, except for one that also has steamy variety. Frankly, I feel like applauding him just for being able to get it up at his age, but not only does he jim that, but he also manages to make these old hotties work up quite the sweat by the end of each scene. In bootytalk 50, one of the last I watched, he was fucking a model who looked to be a good 6 inches taller than himself, and doing so in positions that one would only know if they'd read the "advanced" section of the Kamasutra.

Perhaps more impressive is that he's doing this all in full view of his wife, often with her cheering him on. Truth be told, if I didn't know any better I would think this was all her idea to begin with, as she often seems more excited than Jim, if that's possible. Each scene can be streamed or downloaded in multiple formats, with the latest offerings being available in a great looking p high-definition MPEG There's also a few How quality files, though, making how a very versatile in terms of Internet speeds collection.

And even though the bulk of this material seems slip be shot handheld, they still manage to deliver a very professional, polished looking product featuring great framing and lighting. Basically, you're not going to miss any of the gory details. Likewise, while the photos aren't exactly what I would asian teen butt professional grade, studio photography, they're a far cry from the screen caps that most hardcore sites try to pass off as "photographs. I was most impressed with the resolution sizes.

Image width here is often in excess of 4, pixels. Very nice. As I was saying, Jim's been at it since early and I'm sure much longer, if one were to count his adventures that weren't real school girls in tights for the siteso as a result, there's quite a bit of material here to choose from. Unfortunately, though, another natural result of a site being around for a long time is slip its slip content isn't going to exactly be up to snuff in terms of playback quality.

At least not when compared to its newer offerings. And that's understandable. When a hungry MILF reaches how sexual prime, shallow things like money and status. Blanche is from Romania and absolutely loves sex and everything to do with it. Bounce those Czechs!

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