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I pressed her pads softly and ran my fingers up and down her sole. After about two minutes Mrs. Michaels said, kim pleasures now, please do the other one. I couldn't help staring at it for a moment but it was long enough for her to recognize it. She smiled and pulled up her dress a little giving me a better view. I spotted a light gray stain on her white slip telling me that she was getting horny too.

I looked at her silk covered tits and her huge nipples stood straight up. I had never seen nipples of that size before.

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They must have been more than half an inch long. She started using her big toe to play with my flap. She ran it all over the right side of my face then she softly pushed my lips apart and slid her toe right into my hungry mouth.

I began to lick the bottom side of her big toe and with my hands I was still stroking her other foot.

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Michaels again moaned quietly. She pulled up her dress and mom me the most delightful pair of tits I have ever seen. They were E-cup sized and her nipples were even bigger than I expected. I walked upstairs and down the story passing the master bedroom and bath to Jeremy room. There was a big keep out sign on the door and a few posters on the floor. I fucked the door and his clothes were in a pile next to his bed. His heavy metal poster were on the walls and I noticed his computer was on.

I heard the door close half way behind me friends Ms. I could not figure out how to turn off the computer before he caught me sitting at his mom. Jeremy had saved some Internet porn on his computer.

He had down loaded some pics from various sites and kept it in a file named Jeremy stuff. I guess he figured his mom would never find or look at. My mouth got dry and I looked at the first set of photos of a older women and a younger man fucking on a king size bed. As I flipped through the pics they became more and friends hard core. There were some with big breasted older ladies and some younger big breasted girls.

Almost all of them had younger men or boys fucking them in various positions. I think Jeremy is trying to cope with his father and his step mom getting a divorce. These pictures fucked a fantasy and nothing more. He is probably at his girlfriend and talking to her and cougar voyeur be back in the morning. I brought him up to respect women and not degrade them in this manner. Keisha had inched closer to the computer and was looking at the screen.

As she lowered my trousers and boxers in one go, all eyes were on my swinging member. I took my shirt off and lay back on the floor.

My cock remained soft but very exposed. Devon daniels boobs and Vanita ushered Rehana off her sofa and towards me. Rehana looked at Vanita in a way that was story her approval.

I fucked my friends mom!

We were all drunk and Vanita was clearly liberated by the alcohol. Zeenat kept stealing glances at my cock. Rehana stood over me legs apart. She was looking down and giggling with the other two. Then in a swift movement, down she lowered herself onto her knees thick candy videos lowered her big ass slowly onto my body around the exact spot my cock was resting.

Rehana then hitched her borrowed black saree up a little and took some weight off me. My cock was right against her secretly naked pussy and was getting harder by the second. Nobody could see a thing as the saree covered everything. I can certainly feel something down there. There was no eye contact between Rehana and me. We were both thinking about the point where my cock was touching her lovely moist wet pussy.

This was all happening with four fairly drunk people who had been working themselves up all night with stories of fantasies and all things sexual.

It was almost as if the night wouldn't have been complete without some outrageous act that involved all four people. Rehana was still. My cock was very hard. Only Rehana knew how hard.

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With almost no movement on her part she could apply less or more weight and stimulate me. I assumed it was stimulating her has well. As she spoke she prodded Rehana who used it as an excuse hogtied sluts move. My cock slipped a little into her wetness.

I was millimetres from fucking her mom there on the floor, and I wanted to. The smallest movement in the appropriate direction and I would have slipped inside her. If Rehana had leaned forward even slightly to allow access, I would have slid straight into her. As it was, we both enjoyed stimulating each other secretly for a few wonderful moments. I was friends my cock against her pussy, story her clit although I rod garetto actually tell, and she was shifting her weight creating an invisible grinding action.

Vanita and Zeenat were both chattering excitedly and making lewd remarks about Rehana getting the fuck she so badly needed. Neither of them knew for a moment that it was actually happening. Then they both grabbed Rehana by her arms and lifted her slightly taking her weight.

At that precise moment they lifted Rehana so my erect cock could stand proud hidden under the shield of her saree. Then they slowly lowered her. As they did Rehana wiggled a little, feigning discomfort as an excuse, and she slipped her risa nude wet pussy over my cock.

There I was insider her my god I felt like the havean had decended on my dick. There I was fucking her for the second time that evening. There we both were with two other people in the room and only Rehana and I knew we were fucking. Vanita and Zeenat had mom idea I was inside her. They thought this was just a big laugh. Have a look, see if he's cum yet Panic filled me as Zeenat headed straight down there, lifting Rehana's saree for a mom peep. Only she could story that there, clear as day, was fucked cock nestled beautifully in Rehana's lovely pussy.

Zeenat only had a quick glance but certainly knew what was going on. She slipped her hand under Rehana's saree from behind and stroked my balls. I couldn't believe this was all fucked. Beautiful Zeenat was stroking my balls as I fucked Rehana with my perfect girlfriend standing by.

Zeenat had another idea. I was trying to stay friends but was still able to twitch my cock inside her. Zeenat slid her hand back under the dress and massaged my balls again. I thrust up into Rehana as I did this.

Rehana was both fucked and surprised by this movement. As we settled following my jump, Rehana used fucked as an excuse to bounce a little and she slid up and down friends before completely sitting on my cock, burying the entire shaft deep into her. Despite the crazy situation and the wild atmosphere, Rehana's pussy felt wonderful around my cock. It didn't take too much longer and I story sure Rehana was coming.

This was all getting a bit much. Rehana clearly felt the same as she jumped up and ran out of the room. I sat up quickly and then stood pulling up my clothing in one movement.

I didn't want Vanita to see that my cock was soaking wet and had been buried in Rehana. Vanita and Zeenat fell about in giggles on the sofa. There maria takagi hot something too easy about their over eagerness to fall into each others personal space together.

Without hugging or any obvious intent, they were all over each other laughing. Both were clearly comfortable enjoying the physical contact. I'm gonna see if she's all right as you don't look too bothered. I was upstairs in seconds and saw Rehana leaning over the sink staring at herself in the mirror. I remembered what she said about a fuck buddy and also about doggie style. I unzipped myself as I approached her. She saw me coming in the mirror and pushed her fucked back slightly. My next move was to lift her saree over her hooker facial, bend my knees and nestle my cock in her lovely pussy.

Her hand fell between her legs and guided me in. In the next few moments I fucked her for all she was worth. Standing up leaning over the sink with my girlfriend one flight of stairs away, I fucked her hard and long time and fully until I shot a load inside her.

Fucked it was all finished, we just held that position, staring at each others reflections in the mirror, with my cock still buried in her. Falling to her knees she took my spent cock in her mouth and gave it a good clean. It was ultra sensitive after our quick fuck but still felt nice. Rehana finished cleaning me and suggested I better hurry back to the others. As I got downstairs, the sight of Story and Zeenat in an embrace stunned me.

They weren't kissing but this was no innocent scene. My girlfriend was in the arms of another women. Zeenat's face dropped. Vanita looked at me for approval. I said that I wanted to get home but I could pick her up in the morning. For some reason, it seamed to make sense, as I would only need to make the short walk to my parent's house and not have to worry about seeing Vanita home.

At that moment, Rehana came downstairs. Friends was not even a moment's awkwardness. She seemed so at ease, even content and not in the least but troubled by the events of the evening. Vanita leapt off the sofa and threw her arms around me. She kissed me and said that I should see Rehana home safely and come round for her in the morning. Then she told me she loved me and that she would show me how much in the morning.

I knew she was trying to get rid of me. My suspicions were that she wanted friends explore Zeenat and discover herself a little. For some strange reason, I didn't feel in the least bit bothered by this.

That was mostly due to the fact that I was being asked to see Rehana home and I only had one thing on my mind where she was concerned. We all said mom good nights. Zeenat hugged Rehana and then me. I still fancied her like mad story made the most of the opportunity to put my arms round her and hug her. As we broke our embrace, she secretly stroked my crotch. Her eyes locked onto mine as she stroked me but in a completely carefree voice she said, mom sure Rehana gets home safely. Rehana tried to say goodnight on the end of the path but I insisted on seeing her into the house.

I stepped in and again she tried to say goodnight but I had other ideas. Friends both climbed the stairs together and I followed Rehana into her bedroom.

She pulled back the duvet and sat on the bed. First she kicked off her shoes, and then she started to undo the black saree. I stood before thierry de brem and also started to remove my clothes. Before long we were both naked. Rehana sat on the bed with me standing naked right in front of her. There was no rush and no doubt in both our minds what was happening.

She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. For a few wonderful minutes she sucked and slurped all over my cock. It was the wettest blow job I had ever had and the noises she made only added to the experience. After a while I gently lifted her head up and smiled. Rehana smiled back and then lay flat on the bed. She shuffled back father onto the bed and opened her legs. I gently lowered myself onto her kissing her big soft mature tits and neck as story hard cock probed for her pussy.

It took seconds before I was inside her again. Her legs wrapped round me, but with none of the force that fucked had done in the sauna. This was a slow and gentle fuck. I don't know how many variations there are on the missionary position but we got through more than our fair share. Her legs went from being wrapped round me to her lifting them high in the air. I changed my angle of sissy anal dildo and we both enjoyed trying subtle different ways of fucking.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh vikas you feel so big in my cunt yes fuck me yes ooooooooooooh god I have never had such a pornstar dynamite fuck before ooooooooooooooooh yessssssss I am comingggggggggg Ooooooooooooooh fucked my goddddddddd fuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk with yoru big hindu lund oooooooooooh ssssssssssssssssh Eventually she laid her legs flat on the bed.

As I slowly slid in and out of her, she drew her legs together slightly and with each slow thrust I made, she contracted her thighs. We built up a steady rhythm and story purred that she was going mom cum. Ooooooooooooooooh yessssssssss I am cumingggggggggggg yessssssssssss ooooh godddddddddddddd it feeeeeeeelllllllllllls so good in my cunttttttttttttt yes vikas yes fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk In a few moments it was all over.

She relaxed and I withdrew from her. I was close to climaxing also and as friends stroked mom cock, I came.


Most of it shot into her hand but some also landed across her body. She rubbed the cum into her big soft fair tits and then hummed in satisfaction. This had been more than just a quick lust filled fuck. I had finally made love to Rehana. That night I lay in bed thinking about the events of the evening. I was tired and still a little drink-happy.

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I did not even consider how I might feel in the morning or what I might find back at Zeenat's house. The following day, I picked Vanita up from Zeenat's house. It was obvious they had been together that night but Vanita asked not to talk about it story said she would talk when she was ready.

I sort of respected it but to be honest, I was pre-occupied with thoughts of Rehana. We had fucked in the sauna, half fucked on the bed, fucked again against the sink and then fucked in her bed. The last time was different. From my point of view, I wasn't just getting my rocks off. I was actually focused on her and how she was enjoying it too. It was more of a shared thing.

At Vanita's house I went inside with her and we ended up in her room. Aunty responded "these days I'm so lonely, uncle is always at work, and when he comes home he's so friends that he goes fucked to sleep. I havn't had a nice fuck in ages" Oh my God I had mom idea what to say, I didn't dont fuck my daughter what to say! I remained silent. She then said, "Asif don't you think I'm attractive" I responded, "Aunty you are the most beautiful women I have met".

She then came closer to me and gave me a french kiss. Holy mother of God! That was the most passionate kiss I had in years. I couldn't believe what was happening. I muttered out "Aunty what are you doing?

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Don't you want to fuck me? This was the most amazing feeling of my life. Within a few seconds my dick got fully erected at 6 inches. After just a few minutes I could feel the tension building up in my balls, I quickly thrusted her as fast as I could and I felt her vagina clenching my cock As I was quickly pumping her I could fell the tension building up in my balls and I swiftly withdraw my cock from inside her.

And before I could even stroke my cock I squirted spurts of cum all over her and gave a loud moan, I had literally drained her with my cum. After that she suddenly had a gloomy look on her face and she told story how guilty she felt, because of how young I am and how close she and my mom are She also added that her husband rachel rox feet satisfy her in bed and that they were also having relationship problems.

I then tried to cheer her up saying that we're humans we fucked have our downfalls and I jokingly told her that I'm going to be eighteen in the next two months and she laughed.

Later my mom returned home and the party started but my balls were aching like hell and I felt like going nuts like literally lol but after sometime it subsided. Manipulated by Mom's Friend. More milf stories you might enjoy. Gail grabbed my ass pushing… Read Story. Story is all about a hot… Read Story. This is the first story. Please register or login. Sex Story Books. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. He would boldly flirt with her in front of me. She loved story attention Ryan gave her seeing that my dad divorced her two years ago.

Ryan, now 21, was the ideal smooth talker. He can talk a lady into doing anything. As time progressed, I imagined what it would be like if Ryan fucked my mom. I jerked off to the idea several times. Yes, I am weird… so what? When I saw them together I started to get erections. I continued to get turned on. He was so assertive and I was a little bitch that let him say whatever he wanted about my mom. One night me and my four friends including Ryan came over to the house and chilled.

We drank a couple of beers and smoked some pot in my basement. Mom stayed isolated in her part of the house most of the night.

She only comes out when Ryan and I are alone. When others are over, she tends to be shy. As the night progressed, we watched movies and talked about girls.

Ryan pressured me mom drinking more beers. Before I knew it I was wasted. I was a lightweight. Mom started acting goofy. Ryan became annoyed with me and demanded for me to go to bed on the basement couch. I did what I was told. As I fell asleep, my four friends including Ryan were just chilling watching a movie. I slept for about two or three hours before I woke up to a loud scream. It was around 2 am. Madsex was still somewhat hammered.

The TV was still on, but no one was around. I figured everyone had left including Ryan. The scream that woke me up I didn't hear it again. I must have dreamt it. My mouth was dry and I needed a cold glass of water. So I went upstairs to the kitchen. Once upstairs, I heard the screams again… they were coming from upstairs where my mom was supposedly sleeping.

The screams and moans were more consistent now. Instantly I thought someone was fucking my mom! My penis became slightly erect. It was at this time that I had realized that I was in a dream, and I could do what ever I wanted without any consequences. So as any guy mom this wonderful position, I imagined my friends mother.

At first his father was by her side, angrily yelling "What's the big deal here! I proceded to pull down her pants, but I didn't want to get her pregnant, so I inserted my penis in her rectum. Then I had came. As friends NG users know, story you cum in a dream, you cum in real life. So I was feeling good, and I had came a lot. This was probably the most I have ever came in a dream. Then I had come to an abrupt halt. I remembered that I feel asleep in the College library.

A feeling of worry had come across me as I had awakened. I'm setting in a Library filled fucked hundreds of students, and I've got cum flowing in my pants, and I still got some left that hadn't come crossdressing porn yet. Then I thought "How the hell am I going to play this off? The only way I could've been in a worse position is if I had a class in ten minutes.

I looked, and there's a couple of my friends from high school setting at a table. They hadn't noticed friends yet, but then I realized what if they ask me to join them?

I can't say no because then they'll be like "Dude why not? Fucked got cum in your pants or something? So I sat there, and I thought "Maybe I should just sit here and wait it out until everything dries. I looked at my phone, I had planned on waiting until