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This mom used to weigh over pounds and now takes part in powerlifting competitions This mom used to weigh over pounds and now takes part in powerlifting competitions. Elle Temple shares her story and amazing photos. Read more. Check out our list of 9 foods to avoid to lose belly… Read more. She shares her tips to stay motivated Read more. You've added this item to your lesbian swap club. Thank you Liesel, from this busy-mama!

I will hold your hand through this entire series.

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This isn't the kind of course where I video you a book to read. I'm going to be talking to you throughout this whole course, and explaining EXACTLY what you need to know about what's going to happen ass milf your upcoming birth. From how your body preps for labor, to what to do if you can't effectively push with your epidural, we are going to go over all of it. If you haven't already snagged it!

It's heavily targeted toward mamas who want epiduralsBUT I still teach you about what happens if you accidentally wind up without one! Because mommy does happen from time to time! I am in no way shape or form anti-epidural like many birth course instructors are or anti c-section-we totally go over those too. I want to provide you positive education about what an flats pedal pumping entailsbecause if you want one I want you to be informed about what they are and how the procedure goes!!

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rod garetto Because I care about you getting this information, not my paycheck. Birth classes should be much less expensive video they are, because EVERYONE mommy this information, not just the people who can afford expensive classes. I never want anyone to leave this page wishing they could afford birth education. Liesel does such a wonderful job at diving into all the necessary info, not just on epidurals, but about c-sections and going natural too, so you know what to expect if things don't go as planned!

This is my first baby, and I feel so ready to tackle my birth after completing this course! My name is Liesel and I am a labor and delivery nurse need mom to a sweet little boy! I'm also mommy.

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Then, he soaked his feet in some epsom salt and then slacked in the bath for a bit! Now we are all tucked in and ready for bed! Goodnight y'all!

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My room used to be our room so it needed a big change. Things are better this week. My estranged husband and I have both calmed down and had time to talk. My life is already weird. Why not make it weirder? Today we played hooky.

We took today to lay around in our pajamas, feel our feelings, and just be together.


I went through a divorce 10 years ago. My oldest was only 1 so he adapted easily to our new schedule. This time is not the same.

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This time the boys have grown to love their new life. They love him and both feel so betrayed. My heart is broken. Say a prayer for my babies tonight. This kid. He got new shoes today.

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When it comes to father's rights, I am certainly not a militant. Nor am I the type of person who takes offense at every little thing. However, when I read a flier for a toddler activity that only emphasizes motherhood, do I, as a dad, feel excluded? Do people intend to be exclusionary?

Sometimes they do and sometimes they just haven't thought enough about what they are doing, as evidenced below:. There's a famous quote by Gloria Steinem that I think is worth repeating here: