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Not going to mention my priest for obvious reasons about doing this lol. So seem I can pull larger groups of certain types mobs but smaller depending what they can do. I am just starting to island out paths and mob types currently twinks any guides about Island runs would be nice. AsildorianDec 4, Dec 4, 3.

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WarglaveDec 4, Dec 4, 4. Dec 4, 5. Dec 4, 6. There's already a quickstart guide for this? That goes into better detail on the azerite pieces and explains artifact weapons etc.

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Why would you not add onto that? TfmattesonDec 4, Dec 4, 7. I will make sure people are very conscious of the fact that picking the right leggos can make a big impact on your twink. Certain combinations go better than others for ITs vs general PvE situations as well different ones for wpvp.

What class you Think is Strongest Boosting Twink 110 out of YOUR experience?

So good to kind of research plan ahead what you want to accomplish. Cause takes a little bit to grind the awakening essences hard farming takes maybe I guess days, don't want to lose the better part of a week on a random leggo that looks nice.

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Wow blizzards really seems to have a hate boner for people completing their content first world quest island finder now this So if I invite my friend who as xp-off, and queue for a dungeon, only the I have the debuff? How does that work? I don't understand the confusion, people actually thought that the debuff was going to affect lfg?

Let's use our critical thinking skills here people. So if it's kendra white pornstar as easy, or even borderline easier, to gear up a to accomplish the same exact thing, then why are we really twinking? Probably because twinks fun, and this debuff doesn't really change that.

Why don't they just say "Look can you guys just quit we're tired of having to actually find ways to push you out of this game already". Wasn't this also a common practice with twinks during Legion? Why is this suddenly a big deal. Looks like paid level boosts are coming, so they better kill the current fastest way to level up. So making you actually do the content is considered "game-breaking"? I have no sympathy. Either do it right or don't do it at all. And before any smart-alecks decide to twinks "fine, we're not gonna do it at all", you're not really putting a island in anything no matter how loudly you wail.

PetrolskDec 19, Dec 19, 6.

US - PLEASE Support Blizzard's "Halt" Response to Nerfing + Twinks | XPOff

Dec 19, 7. Chichona translationDec 19, Dec 19, 8. Dec 19, 9. Dec 20, EleannorDec 20, By better ways to approach it they ment nerfing the shit out of you. Just you wait.

SPQRDec 20, I'm fine with geared toons twinks stong regardless of the level they are.