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The lighting was probably the weakest thing about the visuals, causing some issues with grain, but the compositional aspects of the DVD might bug some of you too too many extreme close ups or zooming in on parts of the bodies that were far from perfect.

In all, Justin did manage to give each gal a chance to shine in her scene with some excellent tease footage taking place but I'd be misleading you if I said this was his best work to date. There were no noticed compression artifacts or video noise if that helps you too. The audio was presented in the typical stereo English but that was very average in most ways, with some performers being easy to hear and others sounding like they were lost at sea or in a tunnel.

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Audio is not one of porn's strong points to begin with but some care might've made this an even better value. Support Our Sponsor: Body of Big tit whorehouse By now, most fans of black porn know that there aren't many black gals routinely in the field and even fewer directors worth discussing.

Be it Lexington Steele, Sean Michaels, or Justin Slayer, the number of said directors able to cross racial barriers and provide a sexually satisfying experience to people of all colors can be counted on one hand. That said, Justin's latest release for Evil Angel is Black Girls Get Nasty Tooa set of five vignettes where Justin and his usual posse of porn plunging penis taps some of the most bootilicious gals in the business.

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While I prefer my porn gals lean, I thought this set of cooch was worth talking about at length so here's my breakdown of the action by cast for those willing to enjoy some thick assed gals get at it for your pleasure: Scene One: If you like large booties, this gal could certainly be said to have the tease action down to a science and even a guy like me who prefers gals with tighter bodies can spot talent when he sees it.

That said, this gal would've drawn huge crowds at the recent Kappa beach party in Galveston for her booty clapping alone, never mind all her other tricks. Her oral was good, justin straight okay and the anal very energetic as he impaled her backside something fierce. Black did cfnm shower room taste testing and swallowed his load, making for a good opening scene.

Scene Two: Sydnee Capri, the curvy cutie in the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was a bit leaner nasty Skyy and her fishnet stockings actually enhanced her bulbous butt she shook around for Justin Slayer as she warmed up the audience as slayer as herself.

Sky Black. Sydney Capri. Related Videos. Naughty Wives Club. Big Butt Shake Off. Black Knockers Marcus' Neighborhood 5. Big Black Wet Asses Booty Too 1. Bouncy Black Tits. Ghetto Booty 5. Justin Slayer Approximate Running Time: Description This flick is hard! Beauty and Chastity get licked clits, sucked dicks, and girls shit non-stop.

Skyy Black can make her booty clap. You ain't never seen Ayana Angel get done like this before. Sydnee Capri has phat ass and pussy.

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Exotica is Black and Latina with fine as frog hair and a pure freak. Clip details: Clip 1 - 33 mins 17 secs. Skyy Black Justin Slayer. Clip Purchase. Purchase complete! This clip has been added to your clip purchases page, Click here to go there now. You can change your Email Preferences here Sign up for our newsletter.

Clip 2 - 30 mins 12 secs. Sydnee Capri Justin Slayer. Clip 3 - 28 mins 57 secs. Exotica black Justin Slayer. Clip 4 - 31 mins 28 secs. Clip 5 - 24 mins 54 secs. Ayana Angel Boz Justin Slayer.