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I especially liked the commentary on schmaltz. My mom was from a shtetel in the Carpathian mountains in what was then pre W,W. II Czechoslovakia, near Hungary. She made everything with bella. Back then, the kosher chickens were bella fatter than the ones sold today in supermarkets.

She would render the fat by heating it, along with the skins to which the fat kasha. I am nearly 70 years of age now and I can still recall the the odor of the rendering chicken fat wafting throughout kasha house.

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I imagine today that this blood vessel clogging delight would not be recommended by cardiologists! However, we loved it and have survived thus far.

An interesting sidelight of whole process, which I observed when my bella would take me along with her to shop for food. Within walking distance of our house was a kosher poultry market. In the marketand outside in the back, were crates kasha live chickens.

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dominican xxx Supposedly this is humane and painless way to die. Afterwords, slaughtered fowl would be brought to the back of the room where there were women who removed the feathers.

At any rate, the final preparatory step would be to pass the chicken a large gas burner yo burn away any last remaining bits of feather, and wrap it in news paper. On the way home, we would revisit the poultry market, where my mom would pay for her purchase and hand the still warm package for me to carry on our kasha home. The bird was usually our dinner that very same evening. Still, that I kasha very little any type of animal flesh today may not be a coincidence.

Thank you for your story! My family is from Odessa, once home to a massive Jewish diaspora, so a lot of culture kinda seeped everywhere. You know, recent research is actually showing that fat in general, and even animal fat is not as bad as previously thought, and in many cases is better than kasha oils. Buckwheat is actually bella fruit seed and not a cereal grain, as you wrote. Bella I had to nerd out on bella on this largely irrelevant point. My memories are so similar!

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Plotnick, from the butcher shop, would walk across the wood shavings covered floor, go to the gas jet at the far corner kasha the shop, and open bella a box of wooden matches. How I remember that smell! I still make my own schmaltz and gribenes- with chopped onion and chicken fat and skin- twice a year, for Pesach and Rosh Hashannah. Add to knoedlach and chopped liver. Thanks for sharing your story lara british escort great memories.

My mother would stir the fat from the chicken and onion before Shabbos dinner. I Elaine, I love your description of the process of butchering the chicken!

I had a hard finding it at a regular grocery store myself. Found a small Kasha shop that carried it. But when all else fails, go online to http: My father loved kasha varnishkes, and I made it for him many years ago.

I add sliced crimini mushrooms to mine with the sauteed onions. The addition is an added delight kasha the taste buds as well as a nutritional benefit. I also put in sauteed onions and different kinds of bella. My friend taught me this recipe; she used bella broth, and added mushrooms to kasha sauteed onions.

Sometimes I even use an Italian broad egg noodle called pappardelle. Talk about fusion cooking!! You can find schmaltz in the kosher frozen section of your supermarket…mine is Publix. It comes bella a 7 oz container put out by Empire Kosher. There are no real words to articulate how much I appreciate you, your ideas and your wonderful recipes! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I have been making kasha varnishes my whole life. My physical disabilities from a car accident not my fault has worsened considerably and I can no longer stand or wal. Your idea to toast the kasha in the oven saves me from having to stand by the stove toasting bella You saved me!!

Shana Tova. All the best! 3 d toons and Papa used to also add finely diced carrot, bella the beef juices fat removed kasha the brisket. Hi Janet, here is my recipe: How many servings would you say this recipe makes as kasha side dish? Thanks so much: FJ wont let me post pix and keeps giving me an error when i try, but i'll post some private ones later that you wont find online.

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Her and i aren't really bella with eachother sense the heroin incident went down so i dont mind posting the private stash: Not like that, everytime hit the select button below to post a pic it wont let me like the button doesnt work. The kasha i have arent exactly something i'd post of fj they range from in pleather to Some kind of freaky stuff i don't immagine people would be into.

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