Kicked in the cunt

What feels worse, a man being kicked in the groin or a woman being punched in the chest? Does a kick to the vulva hurt as much as other body parts?

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What's the relative pain? For a woman, does getting kicked in the crotch cause 'extreme' pain?

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Does it hurt a girl to get kicked in the genitals as much as it does a guy? LOG IN.

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Does it hurt to get kicked in the cunt?

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How painful is a kick to the vagina? - Quora

Does getting kicked in vagina hurt? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Related Questions More Answers Below Do women feel the same amount of pain if they get hit in the crotch as men do?

Kicked In The Cunt

Is getting kicked in vagina is as painful as getting kicked in balls? How painful is a kick to the vagina? How painful can being kicked in the crotch be?