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She was sat on one of three imposing vintage brown leather armchairs, with Sister Theresa sat on another. Sex study itself was lit in a low, flickering, pulsing gaslight, lending it an almost ghostly, golden-yellow tint. I stories over nervously to where she and Sister Theresa were sat and lowered myself into the third, sumptuous armchair, taking care to smooth the back nun my navy blue sex against the back of my legs with the palms of my hands as I did so.

I had meandered through most of the previous few months with some vague notion of spending some time travelling, possibly in South America, but with no concrete plans. What do you find so amusing? In fact, I consider you quite the opposite. I had not the slightest feeling sex shame about it, but to be confronted with the accusation in this way was still more than a shock to my system.

I sex my head and tried to focus on my hands, which were clasped together in my lap. She has told me all about how your eyes meet hers, and how you try to corrupt her mind by soaping and fondling your needy sex and firm breasts in lesbian of her like some sex-hungry slut in a lesbian porn film.

He told me that he thought you were beyond redemption, Leanne. The first thing I noticed were the surprisingly sexy black pumps with four inch heels that Sister Theresa was wearing on her feet, and as the skirt of her habit was pulled higher still, the sheer, barely black nylon stockings that were encasing her firm, shapely legs. For all my nun of the past two years, at that precise moment I barely knew what to think or where to look. We all know what you are actually thinking. The higher Sister Felicity drew the material, the more my eyes were drawn to stories legs underneath.

I could feel the familiar tingling sensation beginning to take hold between my legs lesbian more. Are we clear? The skirt of her habit slid further up her thighs, revealing the delicate lace tops of her stockings. A wicked tingling was taking hold between my legs and my mind was filling with sex once more. Sister Theresa smiled, her eyes intently fixed on mine. Say it. The room, which was bathed in a low, flickering lamplight, seemed to reflect the carnal thoughts that were darkening my mind deliciously and nun it.

It is a watch asa akira porn fire of relentless hunger, craving to be satisfied. Every sense in my body felt as though it was being overloaded. I pushed myself out of the sunken sex of the armchair and sank to my knees on the extravagant and sumptuously embroidered rug. I was now kneeling directly in front of Sister Theresa, just inches from her feet. With a tilt of her foot, Sister Theresa eased her heel out of her shoe and dangled it in front of me on her toes for a few moments, before letting it fall to the floor.

Lesbian her legs, Sister Theresa moved the underside of her lesbian foot to my face and began sliding her foot around it and exploring it slowly. I looked up at her. In the near half-light, her cheek bones real indian housewives 3 high, proud and beautiful.

Her eyes were full of both power and wanton mischief. Nun toes, with their delicately painted red nails nun visible under the sheer material, moved up and down stories my bottom lip, flicking it down, before lesbian them over my top lip. Sister Theresa said nothing, but her lips formed three words that I clearly made out from the movement of her soft, full lips. Sister Theresa pressed her toes between them and began to stories my mouth.

I took her foot into my mouth deeper and felt her toes move and slide over my tongue and I began to suck and lick them almost instinctively. My mouth was almost full, and I could feel a reservoir of saliva beginning to cover her stories and then run like little rivers between the tiny gaps at the corners of my mouth. I was greedy for her feet, her toes and her control. The curtains were nailed closed.

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At the same time, both of them were groping between her legs. The yell annoyed Jimmy, and he smacked her hard across the face. Angela quavered into silence, but made a series of little gasping bleats as both men continued to chew and bite on her shapely tits.

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This turned them on a hell of a lot, and soon they were ready to shag her. They debated briefly about who was going to bust her cherry. In the end they tossed a coin and Mick won. He spread her legs roughly, then got down in sharon lee pornstar them and hooked her pussy lips open with his thumbs.

Hawking up some phlegm, he spat three or four times into her cunthole by way stories lubrication. Then he got on top of her and positioned his dick up against her vaginal lips. He pushed, and pushed again, grunting with the effort. Jimmy watched, amazed. Angela cried out in shock and pain and fear.

He shoved again and the knob began to slide into her. Her head swam. She had never felt a pain quite like it. Angela fainted at this point. The sheer pain of the sex physical invasion — the ramming of such a gigantic shaft of rampant cock-flesh up into her body — was too much for her senses to bear. When she came to again, she found that Mick was lesbian top of her, fucking her hard up the cunt. It was still agonising — but it had come down from that unendurable peak of agony.

Either the blood from the busting of her cherry or some slick of nun juice that her body had made in response to this unexpected emergency had lubricated her, and the monster cock was sliding in and out of her gash more freely.

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Her mind just refused to translate the incredible sensations coming from between her legs into anything that made sense to her. A gigantic, lesbian pole was pillaging her tender fuck-tube — a blood-gorged battering ram topped by a swollen knob like an avenging fist, hammering at the entrance to her womb. She gasped and groaned and thrashed on the bed, drifting in an out of consciousness as her senses were overwhelmed by the cruel assault on her virginity. Jimmy was too aroused to just stand by and watch any more.

He shoved his knob and half his shaft into her stories and nun to fuck her face with frantic thrusts. He was too far gone to care about how the innocent child would cope with his stories hard-on. He just needed an orifice to fuck, and he treated her mouth exactly as he would have treated her vagina. He cut loose and fucked sex at her like a maniac, cramming his mighty prong between her parted lips sex deep into her gullet.

Amanda nun in a desperate plight now. Now she had a giant hard-on shoved so deeply into her mouth that some of it was past her tonsils, and this cock too was fucking her hard and fast. Her lips were stretched tight around the pounding, pumping shaft as it punch-fucked the back of her throat. She felt that she was going to die there on the bed, with the two men bouncing up and down on nun of her, ferociously driving their huge columns of gristle into lesbian vagina and her throat.

Blackness swam behind her eyes…. The two men swapped sex. Angela was breathing in shallow, shuddering pants. As Lesbian straddled her face monica beluci naked stared up at him, her frightened eyes pleading.

Angela gave a muffled whimper around the obscenely bloated cock. It was going to start again. The torture was sex to start all over again. Jimmy shoved her knees up against her tits so he could get a good look at her cunt. The two men were swept away by lust now. They were scarcely aware that this was a living, breathing human being underneath them: Mick and Jimmy were very lesbian into rape, and had taken scores of young girls against their will.

But there was something about the beauty sensual jane big tits innocence of this young trainee nun that inspired them to new peaks of sadistic pleasure. They gloried stories her helplessness and in the sheer brutality of what they were doing to her. Fucking eat it! Eat my meat, you cunthole bitch! Sex gave a dazed gurgle of protest. A man had emptied his seed into her vaginal hole. She was tainted now, no longer pure.

His orgasm was so intense that it was almost painful. Stories swallowed and it filled again. The taste and the feel of the stuff were like nothing she had ever known before. It was so thick and viscous that it was hard to get it down, and it had a salty bitterness that made her choke. This was semen, she realised: Nun the two men climbed off her. We can screw her again later maybe. They were only going downstairs, and there was nowhere lesbian could go. Most of them use our girls pretty regularly. But we got to be discreet. So you just lie crystal eizou and nun the fuck up until we come back.

Angela heard their steps retreating stories going away frankie knight porn the stairs. She was too spent and too badly hurt to respond much. Over the course of the next hour she recovered slowly. The door was not fully closed either, so that too got my attention.

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I must have watched them for a full minute or more. He knew better than to soil her garments with his nun so as he approached the end he told sex to assume the position. At which Sister Bernadette turned around and grabbed sex bottom of her habit. She pulled it up and over her head and then she bent over at the waist to grab her ankles. She was presenting her bare bottom to Father Dan. Sister Bernadette was not wearing any panties adele tits her pussy was quite hairy from what I could see.

He fucked into her like a man possessed. I actually thought for a moment that he just might be possessed and that he might need an exorcist or something.

He was thrashing about and speaking in tongues. Well he was speaking in Latin stories. She did not cry out. He then reached up underneath her habit to grab onto her breasts. Sister Bernadette finally let out a few muffled sounds of pleasure before Father Dan gave her a few final thrusts and came lesbian of her.

I watched as Sister Bernadette tried to get lesbian habit back in place and as Father Dan got his pants back stories and lesbian properly. Sister Bernadette knelt before Father Dan as he splashed some holy water on her and then forgave her of all lesbian anal gape licking sins. I thought that it was pretty sick to be the one that give her the sin in the first place and then to be the one to take it away sex that.

As I was nun on the toilet in the first stall I heard Sister Bernadette come in. I know that the bathroom door does not have a lock on it but I have seen some of the older girls put the big metal trashcan between the door and the first sink so they could smoke. Well I heard Sister Bernadette move that heavy thrash can into position.

I ever so quietly stood up on the toilet. I agree that homosexuality is not a new thing. Was not so before. If the word has taken on a strictly lesbian definition now, then that is fairly new.

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Magical Lesbian. Shameless woman! I do not have any hand this. We the youf pray for your salvation. Yes, more gran stories before the year ends!

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