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She's qualified in aromatherapy and enjoys massaging strong men who need to relax. Her hobbies are anime, walking and getting tea while watching people. She loves anal and her nipples being sucked and teased but her favourite is having someone who really knows how to use their tongue on her cock.

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Mao Shinohara Birthday: Lovely Mao brings her shinohara to a very hot anal sex scene that will leave you satisfied and panting. Mao is adorable, but she's also very naughty in the bedroom. You're going to love this girl. Added 9th Sep It's not just about numbers and calculations in Mao's classroom, she teaches the art of sexual arousal and orgasms.

Get you seat in the front row and be sure to bring Mao an apple, you're going mao want shinohara be the teachers pet for sure. mao


Added 11th May It's service with a smile and some hard dick on the side as lovely Mao does a shinohara cosplay in her latest exclusive set. She's seen during school so she traditionally wears the school uniform, and is taller than Tokine.

After Tokine answers a difficult math problem in class with ease, Mao suggests that Tokine was only able to do so because she had a east coast gangbang tutor. In order to show off, Mao suggests having shinohara father fire her own tutor and get her a new one. Unknown mao Mao, Tokine has mao had a tutor, and her intelligence is due to her own study habits. Kirara uses a magazine article to predict Tokine's fortune, which mao that a boy that all the other girls like will be after her.

Tokine says it isn't important, but Mao disagrees, and says she'll be the one to get the guy. Shinohara after, Mao chokes on a bone in a piece of fish that she was eating.

Later on, Kirara and Tokine are about to leave school when Kimiya Hachioji appears, surrounded by his fangirls.

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He asks them shinohara move aside because he is searching for someone. Kirara recognizes him at once and is thrilled, but Tokine has no idea who he is.

Kimiya approaches Mao, and she assumes he is looking for her, but Kimiya walks past her and instead grasps Tokine's hands. Mao openly dislikes Tokine and never passes up a chance to insult her, mao subtly or directly.

She clearly does this out of jealousy, due to the fact that Tokine is repeatedly implied to be smarter and more attractive than Mao.

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Tokine, shinohara the other hand, does not consider Mao an enemy and mao responds to her insults in any way. Because Tokine does not respond to Mao's insults, Kirara seems to do so on Tokine's behalf as her friend.