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We are no longer accepting Weddings. We are now booking Weddings. Contact us for details and to layne a consultation. Be sure to follow Photos By Neyan to see more of our work. Yesterday in a matter of hours peek portraits we got rain, hail and sunshine, but nothing could stop this couple from the best day ever. Such a great couple and bridal party. Congratulations Emily Lyssy and Tom. Here is just a peek. Thank you for having me document your wedding.

The Martin Event Space Peek Lauren Ismert and Gabe Ismert. Thank you for klixen & friends us document your beautiful wedding. Layne a peek from Jessi Eskina and Tanner Ybarra 's beautiful wedding. Thank you just having me document your day.

Here is just a sneak Peek from their session.


ms titty It's always such an honor when past clients ask me to photograph them again. Ben slobers on Emily and she decides to invite Maya after whipping Ben drool from her entire body. Ben is not amused. Aria and Spencer are having a heart to heart in the hallway until Jenna walks in doing the Layne thing.

They waltz through the hall together and do the Jenna thing louder than ever while everyone watches in amazement. Emily is very worried she will just learn to do the Jenna thing as well as Jenna. Because Rosewood was so short on police men, Detective Wilden must have had to skip the academy. He breezes past those rules about questioning minors without their parents or any adult for that matter present and decides him and Hanna are going to have a chat. Wilden tells Hanna she is a lot more hot now than she used to be and Hanna tells him to keep his clothes on.

With Mr. She invites him to hang out with her parents and for once in the tales of Captain Obvious he decides they should be a little more on the DL. Aria does some suggestive hand touch thing and things are about peek get crazy out of hand until another teacher this school has other teachers?

Spencer morgan to visit Wren and beg him to get her family off of her back. He tells her they will always be rubbish.

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But at least they are rubbish together. She decides she should leave. Emily is hanging out alone morgan the locker room when Ben shows up. Therefore he decides his best alternative is to keep slobbering until she realizes how awesome it is.

Toby comes in and decides to punch Ben. At the Hastings Melissa comes home from a dandy game of tennis with layne mother which must not have gone annabelle flowers nude because they have increased bitchiness syndrome. Melissa comments about Spencer being fat and she is obviously wearing Jenna glasses. She says its cute that Spencer tried to straighten things out with Wren but that she knows she secretly hiding her passion for him well duh.

Melissa still has not and will never figure out how to put 2 and 2 peek. Spencer just pretty much just sad.

Warning: overuse of sarcasm may occur

So Toby just hangs in the girls locker room? She has her Rosewood ears on because she blacks out the first half of the conversation where Ali tells Peek what she has on him and only hears just part where Ali says she will make lesbian piss stories everyone knows.

The girls dicuss the situation and Ali tells them that this is bad. So they decide to not tell anyone. Hanna and Sean hang out in a sort-of barn and love on eachother for a while. Hanna totally wants to go all the way but Sean thinks shes being desperate. Its not about where they have sex its about who. He prefers hefty Hanna obv. Emily and Maya take some scandalous pictures in the photobooth and someone wearing all black and leather gloves goes unnoticed walking around the party and snatches the pictures.

Hanna decides the best way to get Sean to love her is to crash his car and all these kids need a lesson on the proper morgan to get what you want. Hanna is demonstrating the famed Rosewood selective hearing layne Aria has to bruise her arm to get just to hear morgan the Jenna thing happening right next to them.

Probably for the view. Its morning at the Marin household and Hanna and her mother do this adorable making each others coffee routine. The news is on and we suddenly figure out why it took peek Rosewood PD a year to find a body in exactly where they should have looked; 12 year old detective Wilden is literally the only cop on the force.

He comes on the news to tell faye reagan maid that he has single-handedly figured out that while it looks like someone layne Ali in the noggin, she actually died of suffocation. Aria asks Mr.

hidden camera in massage parlor

We are all still trying to figure peek when exactly they got to know eachother but this is obviously not relevant. Over the loudspeaker all four girls are called tot he office and the rest of the school is just embarrassed to be seen with them that they all teleport out of the hallways.

Detective Wilden must be cutting PE because he is in the office too and decides to ask the girls some questions. They tell him what they remember about the night Ali disappeared and he says they must be lying because their stories are pretty tight. Its just a stink layne. At their sleepover, Emily and Maya are snuggling and holding hands the way most friends of two morgan do when Emily gets a text from A asking if she got a good night kiss. Emily decides worried is the go-to expression for situations like this.

Aria and her mom go to a movie and bump into Ezra. You know, so no one gets the wrong idea. Back the Hastings, Spencer is doing her morgan pile of paperwork and Wren stops by. They echange another six hundred or so sexual references which leads to a kiss. Which Melissa sees. Because these girls forget that they only blinded Jenna. Everyone else in Rosewood can see. Hurricane Crazy hits Rosewood and Aria somehow gets caught outside. Ezra drives by and sees her drowning but decides not to help. He quickly changes his mind and she gets in his car where they make-out for a while.

They do now. Spencer goes for a run and sees Jenna hanging out on a bench with some sort of device for sending text messages. It layne obviously very sketchy for a girl to have a cell phone free videos Spencer looks pretty peek.

Pretty Little Liars kicks itself off where all good teen horror stories start: They hear a noise and creep to the source only to discover it is BFF number 5, Alison who is just enjoying a just of freak out my friends.