Just wanted to make sure cuz she is sexy!

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PM me if you want to tell me more cuz she's coming my way soon. Jackass Newbie Posts: Stallion17 on July 23, It only points to various links on the Internet that already exist. Mobile View. November 02, June 21, Logged steamer Newbie Posts: June 27, Is she still a good idea or should I keep looking?

I've done four sessions with her last was fall ofand she really is terrific. Anyway, she loves to pose, has a terrific, well balanced physique, and always keeps herself in musclevixen shape. And if there is any chance at all that you think you might like fantasy wrestling, you really shouldn't pass up the chance to experience her scissors Lots of women have made me tap out easily, but she and Fon are the only women I've sessioned with who have had me begging for mercy and simultaneously literally had me begging for more of the same.

Steamer Logged mikew Lurker Musclevixen July 08, Definitely book her.

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Great body, fantastic musclevixen, and just a nice person to session with. March 27, March 28, March 29, Logged woodside Musclevixen Posts: April 03, musclevixen, Woody Logged luvhardbodies Newbie Posts: April 04, Trust me Logged drpedro Lurker Posts: May 21, May 26, Logged realun Newbie Posts: May 31, Logged knout Lurker Posts: June 13, musclevixen, Logged Stallion17 Newbie Posts: July 23, She is beautiful, sensual and very easy going.

I will see her again and would recommend her. Do you try armwrestling with her? Do you know her stats? Quote from: Ya i saw her a while ago and she was ok. She musclevixen be great if you like muscle worship she didn't really like to wrestle or anything though.

And Hj for sure. I love sessioning with Monica, BUT you definitely have to establish musclevixen rapport with her since it's not musclevixen main source of income; I have musclevixen some negative reviews, however, she and I have had a great time.

Part of it might be because I was married to a Carioca back tiana lynn flower tucci the day and she finds my Portuguese amusingly musclevixen. I busted a nut so hard I thought Musclevixen saw the second coming! Remember YMMV. Saw Monica for a light fantasy wrestling session about 3 months ago She missed her flight and had to cancel our Thurs evening session, but she informed me and managed to squeeze me in pun intended!

I would definitely recommend! Saw her, must be at least 5 or 6 years ago a couple of times in Manhattan. The first time there was some muscle competition in town and a few of the guys and gals were at her hotel. I was early, waiting in the lobby. I love Amazon jungle roleplay.

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Musclevixen gorgeous vision vision walks in with an off-the-shoulder two piece leopard top and skirt, suede light brown high heel boots and matching bag, I think.

Tanned, olive skin and she wasn't wearing stockings. It was Monica.

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She stopped for about musclevixen minutes or so to speak Portguese I think, to a couple, a male and female bodybuilder, that she obviously knew. I immediately got so aroused it was embarrassing. After the 5 minutes it was coming close to our appointment time so I got up and discretely called her. I saw her answer her cell, musclevixen she was going to her room. I didn't say I was in the lobby.

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Musclevixen followed her onto the elevator. Got to see her up close with a couple of other hotel patrons. We got off on the same floor and musclevixen went one way, I went the other until I heard the click of her door close.

I slowly walked to her room, knocked, she smiled, we introduced ourselves and she gave me a big hug. I reiterated my session request and she peeled off her leopard outfit to reveal a musclevixen two piece bikini. I almost melted. If I had known that then, well Nice role play, massage, muscle worship but she was so real we exited role play and talked about our backgrounds.

She is musclevixen Italian and knew the language. I'm mostly Italian. I wanted more intimacies but she already set the boundaries.

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When I told her about me being in the lobby and my reaction she laughed heartily. She loved, at least back then, animal prints and could see why I would get so turned musclevixen. She said her Mom made a lot of her contest outfits including the leopard stuff.

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The pleasure I received from that session was off the charts. Saw her one other time a few months later in Manhattan.

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