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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands rate communities. Want to add to the discussion? Can never have too many! Maybe too much of similar clock units but not much to japanese pussy bukkake with them.

If you want a rate clock based system try some synced units like the Modcan LFO or Batumi, sequencers etc. Maybe also some more digital sounds to mix in like a Braids, E or Noise Engineering module. I like that you went with a totally rack.com filter. Filters rack.com game changers with your patches. Oh and have a blast! The one great thing about euroack is you can change it anytime. There used to be a website called rate my rack. This one had nothing to do with weights, it was about tits.

WVUfan said Do you go barefoot or wear shoes? I always wear wrestling shoes when I'm going to be kicking or rolling.

It's too easy to tear your feet up.


SCarolineer said Back To Topics. In short you can set a "master" Bpm with 8 different divisions clocking all of your modules at once. Completely eliminating the rate for the RCD and break out. Hope this helps. BE aware that pam cannot do everything the rcd can nad vice versa. The important part of the rdc is the R. You can trigger it and each clock will move to rack.com next division.

Watch a video of it and you'll get the picture. It makes for pretty interesting rhythms as each voice has it's clock division changed. As mentioned, a couple of VCA's would be helpful.

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I don't know the mileage your eve adams porn out of your filters, but something like the WMD filter or the Spectral Devastator are great for dirt and feedback goodness. Hard to tame though, but might be a fun addition.

Unless you're planning to expand with TTA drum units or I'm missing somethingI would think you could find a better mixer option than the Mix Z, Rate thought the bus access plus the fact that the drums each have individual volume control was the selling point for that. Not to imply that Mix Z is a bad mixer, I've never used it, I rack.com thought the feature set was better suited for use with TTA drum modules, but maybe not? TTA Drum? Certainly more VCA power would be great.

They are such a useful thing and so often over looked as you fill your rack with other goodies.