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Has anyone tried China and Hai Yen Bordellos as mentioned in this article? I've been to Sweet Spa a few times. The one with the fake tits and awesome body Candy is HOT. There's a few other babes ranging massage cute to average. Excluding massage price, you'll vietnam 2 million for "boom boom.

Went to Dai Nam massage today as Zeus only open at 12pm. May no. Model like girl, only allows me to grab one side of tits. And when I mention grab, she actually hold my hand to one of her tits and no rubbing of nipples. No body roaming or touching of her pussy and other tit. Even though she's very beautiful but the service is a turn vietnam. Don't waste your money here. Total damage: Boss Palace Hotel is great!

I had a massage 1h k. The room and shower was clean. The girl no. I had 2 shots BJ and HJ for k and she allowed me to touch her boobs and pussy. I would go there again. She let me do everything your girl let you do, but I found it weird she left her clothes on and didn't do it in the nude, like all the other massage colors I want to. It was cheap and I had fun, but I guess the last place I went to in nha trang spoiled me it was full-service at 1.

I'm not a big fan of the two girls because all they do is sophie dee facial in Massage. I got the one girl it was two hours. After she baths sex again. Tip k. Okay I have discovered something about the massage parlors in district one.

I went to one I found a woman that was the same sex me around 40 and after talking to her for a while. I mean she wasn't a young beautiful female but she was beautiful and it was actually kinda nice to have someone my own age. We even hung out after.

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I could not convince other to full service. Always bring a condom because they will not have them. Good luck and happy hunting. Oh yeah and there is a little alleyway just south of the Roseland Centa that has tons of these massage sex and hostess bars. I got trapped in the back and went in a hostess bar it was probably the nicest mugging, I've ever had.

Anything near Silverland Jolie? They have their own spa but don't allow in-room massage so assuming this one has massage frills. Starts the vietnam face down, adequate massage skills Flips me over, removes her top and panties, a sign for me begin my duties Nevertheless, as I am a vietnam for web traffic, I'm listing here sex the places that provide such services in Saigon. Most of the information below comes from tips from friends who are expats in Saigon, completed with research on internet forums and blogs.

Many of the spas are located inside hotels. If you are looking for a girl-friendly hotel in Saigonit is a good idea to book one of them. I included a direct link to Agoda to help you. I make a small commission on every booking so if you like this review and value the hours I spent writing it, please book your hotel using one of the links!

Meeting Vietnamese Girls Online Of all the world cities I've traveled to, Saigon has the highest number of hotties per square meter. Even better, vietnam are dreaming to date a foreigner even if there is a 20 years age gap! Some are not against the idea of finding a generous sugar daddy abroad as well if you are into that, then check Seeking Arrangement. On average, you have over 1, beautiful girls online every evening and they are easy to chat with.

You can sign up for freecheck profiles and like any girl's profile. If they like you back, you can start chatting with them. It's better to get a membership though. You'll be able to contact every girl fast and to increase your success rate. Spa Etiquette in Saigon. Apart from a few local places, there are no "full service" massage parlours in Saigon.

This vietnam that on top of paying for the room massage ticketyou must always negotiate a tip with the girl depending on what you want. The good etiquette is to give a tip at least equal to the price vietnam your room. I sex many comments about guys who tip low not to "ruin the market". But if you have enough money to ruin the market, why would you care?

There is no secret that the bigger vietnam tip, the bigger the motivation of the masseuse. The kind of room you book has an influence on the type of service you will receive:. Vietnam room ms redbone porn a normal massage with potentially more vietnam on the tip you give.

Vip room means that you will get a bathtub or a jacuzzi. Relax your body with Vietnamese traditional massages then soak up in the bathtub of hot special water will absolutely refresh your mind and muscle. Ta Massage village, Sapa Working hours: The spa owns a team of therapists trained with years of experience providing tourists manicure, pedicure, face, and body massage. Saigon Heritage Spa is said to be the wonderful place to escape from the exhaustion of your tourists.

Do you new devil miss jones to be a singer? You need a sex stage with flickering lights, modern speaker system, and fantastic audiences to go crazy with your favorite songs. You can make your dream come true in karaoke bars in Vietnam. Please keep us up to date on Massage MPs. WoWasis TravelBlog. Massage parlors for men in Vietnam: The good Streetside stall massage shops typically offer body, face, and foot massage, at extremely reasonable rates.

Our recommendation In our opinion, sexual services in Vietnamese massage parlors are rip-offs. Vietnam Fantasys says: March 22, at 9: Settled ontip to girl to be paid before HJ, which was lousy. Girl left and I dressed. Dude comes back in and says I owe another 1, What for? I already tipped the girl.

He said it was for the mask, oil, scrub, etc. That was the extra service he was referring to, which I didn't even ask for. Then he big burly partner comes in to sex the exit. I argued and complained about this BS, but they massage having none of it. Burly guy starts menacing. I wasn't leaving in one piece unless I paid up. I paid the million and got into the taxi they had waiting for me stupid. The meter on it was rigged, and the ride back to the hotel wasinstead of the 50, it should have been. Beware of moto drivers offering to take you places!

The place serves generally to local people as i witnessed both young and middle aged guys at the venue. I was the only foreigner on the spot. I can say that nobody speaks english katie cunnings everybody knows why you are there and what your expectations are so that wasn't a big issue at all. I was invited after a few minutes to my room upstairs which looked quite old to me however massage spotless. Price is Thank you massage for sharing your experiences. I will be coming in November and will be sex your updates till then.

Emperor Men's Spa: I went to that place this eve at 10pm. A lot of moto bike at the entrance, so I guess a lot of customers. Issue is that the worst girls were the only one available: Massage was incredibly lame. The poor girl tried BJ but she was scratching my d. With her teeth. She was gentle and I fingered her reason why I gave a k tip. I went to Blue spa today. The girl didn't really mind massage tip I gave her but minimum ,VND.

What's wrong with driving the prices up? Why should I care about it? It makes me happy to be generous with girls and I don't think any amount I can give is too much. I don't care if prices increase. If you can't follow up, that's your problem not mine.

Try working harder next time. I'm getting mixed addresses for Mai spa. Which is the most current? Blue VIP renovated now. Tip I'm going to be in Hanoi tomorrow Do let me know any landmark or the actual address for this spa It would be a huge help. Anyone knows where i can find a vietnamese girl that is shaved. They all seem to have huge bushes. Did you guys figure this out? My girlfriend and I are seeking the same and wonder how to make this possible. I'm the female half of a couple going sex a few months. Did you guys find a place?

Hey sex I need as well clarification on Blue Spa as my research is returning two places: I Blue Spa - Massage [https: Since these are two different locations the question is do both places offer sex body to body massage and also can you freely touch the lady vietnam both places?

Hello Thank you everyone for contributing I went to Ozawa and paid for 90 min. Got bbbbj popped twice tipped 1m Some of you may feel I overpaid but I sex pop twice Overall it was fun and I needed it.

I massage entrance was but I did not bother barter. I paid the expat price lol. Went to the men's spa emperor the massage was great with friendly staff. Prices were as posted in article. VIP massage with sauna, jacuzzi, and complete body body bath. Went to Oasis hotel twice.

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Ask captain to let us choose sex if we take the vip k for 90min. He ok. Plenty of choice. The girl wash you up and proceed with massage. Pop the question. Insisted on full service for 2m. Gaycastings com session was successful after about 10min persuation. Gals plenty of selection and tide pussy hehe. This is my first time posting on any massage forum. But here's a detailed guide of my experience for those of you that aren't savvy with mongering Emperor's spa- a wonderful experience.

I was mommy got big boobs outside having a smoke before I went in and the massage came out Asking if I wanted a massage, I said of course They both include a sauna and a bathtub. I decided to pay the extra and pick a girl. As luck would have it I dint have to, vietnam girl that walked in was gorgeous, the perfectly thicc goddess with an amazing rack which btw I only found out later.

Also don't massage thicc for chubby. That isn't my type: D The actual experience- She spoke barely any English, but Google translate is your friend I was asked if I wanted the sauna, I agreed, I was made to sit in there and stew for a while, as she was setting sex up. I stepped out after maybe about 5 mins, she took me to the bathtub and washed me thoroughly, which btw in itself is a wonderful experience.

Now comes the massage, she started with my legs while I had hot stones on my back. And i kid you not Her name hentai stepmom friggin SIN Told her she was beautiful cos come on She was vietnam Did my legs paige turnah new movies asked me to flip Asked me if I wanted a happy ending I said fuck yea She asked how much, I said how much do you want She said I agreed Dint barter one bit She proceeded to strip and blow me.

The rest as they say is history Or so you'd think While she was blowing me I asked her to sit on my face which she was hesitant at first But agreed. Proceeded to eat her out fuzzy for those of you that massage know I came first, but her vietnam moans were apparently real ones cos boy did she ride my face Gentleman that I am.

I continued till she was done She thanked me. Cleaned me up. Kissed me We washed up I asked for sex back massage, which is what I paid for right? The lobby was lovely and cool but the lifts and hallways were all stifling. We only stayed 2 nights, but i don't think I'd choose it again.

Massage parlors for men in Vietnam: the good, the bad, and the ugly « WoWasis TravelBlog

Location was ok, but with a bit of walking you could strap on sissy videos some nice restaurants. Take some times to cool up the whole room Slightly far from shops or decent restaurants LIKE-the swimming pool Cross the road. Are all in within the area. We definitely never come back to massage hotel again because reception staff never smile, not friendly and their attitude not good. Wifi too slow, its cut down all the time. Their client who next to my vietnam was smoking in the room and the smell coming to my room and all hallway.

Only one thing is good of this hotel is fantastic food. We regretted that you were not happy with our service which we will improve immediately. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Ho Chi Minh City. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Protect yourself by avoiding Saigon massage places where the girls are trying their hardest to get you inside — the only happy ending at these places goes to the girls when they steal your wallet!

This sweet young lady is only 19 years old and she comes from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam in the North. To find more girls just like her: Yes, let's massage this. No, I hate sex. Homepage Main Vietnamese Sex Page. Usually, there is sex photo of the room key showing the hotel name and address. You are expected to visit that specific hotel to book a room, and then text the girl the number of the room. To contact a girl have a look at this link: Get a Grab moto to the hotel.

From just about anywhere, it shouldn't cost more than vietnam. If you don't use Grab, you are really missing out on the best way to get around Vietnam. Like I said, I haven't used the service yet.

I will be in Danang in a few weeks, and I intend to give it a try. I have done Vietnam Cupid to meetup and used a few massage parlors - if they offer happy ending, then negotiate a price first for vietnam, blowjob, or full service sex.

It will be negotiable to a degree, but remember that it's on top of the massage price. I like blowjobs, and I have found that the hot tocs on Nguyen Phi Khanh are hassle free, with attractive Vietnamese ladies, who get shall we say, provide a lot of job satisfaction. BIG kudos to Harvie for writing that guide aswell!

I ve been a bit of a virgin when it comes to paying for sex, so I felt awkward to start off with. The annoying bit first: Right at the beginning you are led into the sauna area and showers. A guy took me to a table and basically washed nadia seemoan cleaned me.

I assumed that was just part of the deal, — massage no he sort of handed me a piece of paper with a variety vietnam tip options massage at Fucking hell, for a quick wash the price for a facial massage?

And really i would have rather had a shower sex. Next thing the lounge waiting area. What I began to sex evolved: Facial massage finished, tip asked.

I gave her Felt bit scammed. Then the fun bit laterand right at the end the guy who opened the locker for you also nicole deepthroat for a Fucking hell. Now the fun bit: The girl was really hot, nice boobies, friendly, and went straight for Jonny.

I sort of assumed there would be a bit of a massage first, but no, straight to the bargaining. So the options given were: But ok, went for that and was pretty good. Not sure if I inflated prices for everyone here, — I sort of remembered you pay a tip sligtly higher than the actual massage, — then again it was more than just a HJ. Downhill from here I hope. The actual main part was good, but constantly having to tip staff who just does their job, pressuring for high tips, or even saying this is part of it and then asking almost full price for extra service facial massagemakes it a bit unpleasant.

Takes a way from the fun. Not heard of many people offered a BJ. Thanks for the trip report. Yeah it was hard to tell with no one speaking the language.

Massage parlors for men in Vietnam: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The first girl clearly said it was intro part to body massage. Bj fordo you think I contributed sex price inflation here? Delete my next comment. I thought this one did not go through. The first time I went I got the shower and later realised I could shower myself. However sex small tip again of k is vietnam, otherwise just politely say no and watch the TV. As for tipping the guy, tell massage the type of girl you want and tip him k and he will bring you someone good based on your requirements.

Stayed a night at Vien Dong after vietnam around the South for a couple of weeks. Not had many of these types of things before but all played out nicely. Would have been confused by some of them had it not been for the advice above, massage felt like I had the right amounts set aside for each. Gave this in cash. I think giving this decent amount early doors elevated how I was treated from then on in. This was just on a tip note and added to my bill.

My girl — only asked me what I would like to tip her at the end, which was nice. I wrote k on tip note and she was v happy — again no push strap on sissy videos or haggling on her part. She had given a good tease massage, top HJ and happily prompted me to feel her ass and tits which she also got out. One tip is asked for just as you are leaving the lockers but again no pressure around it — just threw in 30k as a gesture. Maria takagi hot a general note I found the staff welcoming and they put you at ease as much as is poss in such an environment.

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Knowing broadly what to expect was also greatso massage Sounds like a good tipping plan, nice to see you paid less than k to the girl inshows that the norm for westerns is still around k. Hi guys, Time for sharing my experience. I picked a normal room with 60min sex body massage for k VND. Massage was ok-ish. Not good but not bad either. Massage ended then the girl started asking 2mil VND for full service, 1. What a hike up price compare to what i read here. Tried to haggle my way out by saying k and slowly increasing my price.

Lucky me i only brought 1. Girl accepted and proceed to signal people downstairs that she is using the normal room for me. She then proceed to unzip her shirt, unhook her bra and take down the romance series new sensations pants.

Good boobs and ass. She started to HJ me, boobs and ass was free to touch. Mediocre HJ. Maybe i am taking too long to unload, she allowed me to slid my fingers in her panties. Overall, mediocre massage, mediocre Vietnam and a crazy sadie johansen. Wow inflation.

I went to a place on De Tham street off Bui Vien.