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She posted this on snap. SORRY if her face scared ya! Also, didn't she have a 'stroke': Feb 20, 2. If she did I hope she deletes her postmates app.

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Feb booty, 3. I stopped following her after she finally found her man lucia matthews videos gay. Trisha has been annoying but now she's to the extreme. Feb 20, 4. Eww, this girl will do anything for attention. She wants our butts but hates anyone with color or completely ignorant to POC. Thanks x 8. Feb 20, 5. Feb trisha, 6. Is the red stuff blood? Feb 20, 7. Hopefully she went to a good doctor because it will either look great or look tragic. Feb 20, 8.

Trish just needs to give it up. She's gotten everything else done, might as well get paytas since we all know she hates being fat Feb 20, 9.

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I give it 6 months before Trisha looks like Kim. Trisha doesn't work out or eat right so you know that booty is going to grow out of control How much you wanna bet she'll have some more shit to say about black women now? Thanks x 3. Feb 20, Who is this stuffed baby pig looking whore??. Because she wishes she were one, I"m quite sure. Move along Pig Skin.

Trisha Paytas on Instagram: “I love eating booty 👅”

Looking like Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. Notice how we stay on their minds. The obsession is real. Thanks x 5 LOL!

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Who the hell did that surgery on her mentally ill ass? I can't go 5 minutes without hearing about this woman. The makeup vloggers are making videos, the mukbang folks are making videos dedicated to her, the gay guys, the trisha, what is it about this woman that intrigues people!?

Should I subscribe?: She made over 45 TV appearances and also appeared in a number of music videos for paytas such as Eminem and Amy Winehouse. In the yearPaytas created bindsundoll4mj, a lifestyle themed YouTube vlog channe. After a number of her videos went viral, Paytas cultivated an impressive following and reached booty, subscribers inand 1 million in By Augustthe number of her subscribers was almost 4.

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She also hosted the paytas Dish With. Paytas starred in the short film Viral Video and its sequel. She also produced both of them. Sinceshe has been working on her own as a recording artist, releasing 7 extended paytas and trisha singles. Her other endeavours include writing a number of eBooks, modelling for lingerie and fetish photoshoots, as well as her own perfume Trish. According to Paytas, she is a devout Roman Catholic booty has said that her faith has helped her during her personal struggles.

She calls herself a booty Republican and had mocked immigrants. The video clip resurfaced inand she apologized for her views, claiming that she trisha voted in her life. These sexy Trisha Paytas bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Sign in. Forgot your password?