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Green Day cover set by White Wives at The Fest 12 After Party

As You Please by Citizen. Another perfect release from contemporary emo powerhouse Run for Cover records. Explore music. Purchasable with gift card.

Free Download. Will we both remain the same?

Self Titled (AF) | A-F Records

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My white jam is a spring reverb combined with wives envelope filter to kind of create this laser gun sound. My main guitar wives the album was a Fender Lead 2.

I found it in a shop; they only made it for a few years. It's really cool, it's kind of like a small-bodied Strat. It looks really gnarly. It's all rusted out and I took it to the studio wives pulled it out and everyone was like, are you serious? You're gonna play that guitar? But it has a really good clean sound and works really well for the fingerpicking stuff I do.

Then I play through a Fender Twin Reverb that has two different speakers. We put a slightly bigger Mesa speaker in the vibrato side of it, and that's what I play through. The only downside is when you turn the vibrato channel up to a high volume it starts cracking up I'm a big Neil Young fan, so I'm a big fan of the inconsistancies and beauty of old equipment. Mine was pretty standard, I used a couple different Les Pauls through a pedalboard, mostly different delay pedals. I ran through a Vox Custom Wife swinger clips for most of the sounds.

I had another rig for dirtier sounds, which was a Hiwatt High Gain watt amp. That's actually on most of the record. How did you adjust to being in a band with three white Was it a matter of whoever white the part, played white No, because sometimes I would write a part and I couldn't sing and play it at the same time, so I would pass it off to Chris or Roger, or vice versa.

The goal is to not have us playing the same thing at once. Only on "Hungry Ghost" are we all playing the same thing at the same time, and that was only because we wanted to make it really heavy. A lot wives times when you see bands with three guitarists, they're playing the same thing and it's like At the same time, that sometimes makes it really heavy, but I don't think at any point on this record we wanted three guitars because we wanted it to be really heavy.

We made sure that the tones we used were really separated. One of the things we're finding is that because not a lot of people are super familiar with our record yet, you can see people looking to white where the sound is coming from.

We change off playing lead. White don't know how! White have Wives fans reacted to White Wives so wives I did, which I said I never would do. wives

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